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......"100 miles an hour with the top rolled down, racing in the wind breaking out of this town... trying to get lost don't want to be found yeah....Here we Go.. Here we Go!!!!"

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Chris Daughtry

I am a fan (and you should be too), because... Life is so short and too stressful not to be able to support great music by good people! Daughtry just makes you feel good all over... Never have I ever supported anyone like this before. These guys are so incredibly talented and they did it all on their own! They aren't the next marketable prize or pretty face. They worked their butts off and finally are living the dream. They are all inspirational in their own rights and I admire each and everyone of them. I love how down to earth and real they are. Anyone who doesn't love this band, we'll, just dosen't understand true music and talent. That is all I have to say.............


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