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Out of everything you said......, I still haven't heard u say........., C'mon back to me........, C'mon back to meeeeeEEee............

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~Back to me~
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I am a fan (and you should be too), because...from the first time I heard that heavenly voice, you captured my heart. The passion and soul you put into your songs, and performances, is like nothing I've ever seen. I feel blessed to be at an age in my life where I found my #1 band for life......It reminds me of those people who grew up in the Jon Bon Jovi era and had that kind of love for their music that just stuck with them forever.......I never understood that kind of passion and love for music, until now! I've been into nothing but mostly rap until you've opened up my eyes to real music, where the lyrics are real, and they actually mean something and touch peoples hearts in one way or another." Home" really make me appreciate my life in every aspect of the meaning "Home". It makes me humble and teaches me to not take anything in life for granted, It's the most beautiful song I've ever heard. And I'm just so elated to know that I finally have that One Special Band to follow throughout my years to come, to say that.... " I saw his very first performance in Manchester, NH for the AI tour, been there in boston at the Paradise Rock club, went all the way to virginia, seen you in NY, watched you grow musically, and have been following you from the very start, and nobody's music has touched my heart and soul like DAUGHTRY'S!!!!!! NOBODYS! NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!..............................


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