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Could have been the death of me, but then you breathed your breath in me

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I am a fan (and you should be too), because...I have watched Chris from day1 on Idol audition to now. i have bought, recorded or downloaded every song, interview, weather channel gig and video I can get my hands on.I have bid on and won numerous items on e-bay (even a signed picture for over 100.00 which I never got...not Chris' fault).as long as they had to do with Chris. i drove 11 1/2 hours by myself to Lasker just to see him.I saw him at the Albany NY idol concert and gave him a rose. I waited from 4 in the morning on the stand-by line for the GMA concert just to see him and the band. Why....because from day 1 when he talked about his wife and children even before he opened that beautiful mouth to sing I was hooked. After I heard him that was all it took. The homesty and love that surrounds him his unbelievable. In Lasker I met so nany people including his Mom and Dad and I could not believe how nice everyon was.(people need to take lessons from these people) On the Daughtry gang website everyone is just as nice sharing pics, video perfomances and info. Who else has a my space accepts all and gives you all the info about dates and appearances plus tells you he is winding down at home with his family then signs off to take out the trash.What other band comes out on the streets of manhattan and hangs with you for photo ops or to sign shirts. Chris even got on the cell phone at the Viper room to give a shout out to everyone on with the cellcert call. No one else would do that. He explains why he can't come out after every show, but he would if he could. He thanks God for all he has gotten and we thank God for him. Lookat him, Listen to him ....thats why you should be a fan. I would love to get VIP tix for any NY venue but if I don't I am going anyway to NY. PA maybe NC any one I can make maybe someday i will meet him but either way I eill always be one of his number 1 fans. Rock on Chris...Rock on Daughtry. luv ya, louise (sstan13)


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