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There is nothing to fear,
For I am right beside you.
For all my life,
I am yours.

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Well, my reasons for being a fan have grown since Chris's idol days. I am a fan of this ENTIRE band. Each and every one of these guys is amazing! The VIP experience they offer is mind-blowing and I hope every fan gets the opportunity to do it. The fact that they take the time out of their lives to meet individual fans makes me respect this band more than I already did. Their shows get better and better with time and they always have smiles on their faces. I also feel the need to show my love for the wives who so selflessly share their men with the world so we can see how amazing they are as well. So thank you! These guys are down-to-earth, friendly, caring guys who give their heart and souls to the fans each time they step on stage. Thank you Daughtry for the beautiful voices, inspiring words, and endless talent you give us everytime we hear you. Keep on rockin' and don't ever change!! We love you!


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