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I am a fan (and you should be too), because... Chris has oepned up so many doors for struggeling musicians in the rock field when it comes to a non-variety show like American Idol. He came on like a force not to be reckoned with and proved, once again, that coming in anything other than 1st place, is not so bad after all. Chris has a voice that men worship, young kids love and women dream about. He appeals to all types of genres and has picked up more diverse fans along the way, then any other musician I have seen in a while. He is not afraid to take a chance with his music (ex. turning down Fuel's offer) and believes in himself without the attitude and rockstar diva demands most young wannabes in Hollywood do today. His music comes from the heart and he sings with such a power in his voice, that it is hard to not bob your head to his music. His vocal range can go from high to low and he has proved on more than one occassion that he can hold his own and doesn't need a reality show to help him shine.

I have come up with a word for each of his letters in his name that I think describe him and his music best...

C hallenge
H eart
R ythm
I rreplaceable
S tudly (had to add that one in) Eye-wink

D ecisive
A mbitious
U nbelievable
G racious
H umble
T hankfulness
R ealistic
Y ing and Yang of Rock music

I hope that Chris and his band will be around for decades to come. I am a strong believer that people get what they deserve in the end and he and his band have proved that no goal is unreachable if you truly put your heart and soul into it. The good really do finish last. Chris has certainly obtained what he deserves and much more. I wish them all the best and cannot wait for this crazy ride of a tour. We are all along on the trip and hope it never ends. Rock on Chris.

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