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The miles are getting longer it seems- The closer I get to you

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I am a fan
And you should be too,
Because Daughtry rocks
And if you are a fan, you will too!

Their music is awesome,
And their bodies are hot.
Their lyrics are powerful,
My poetry is NOT.

Chris's voice is amazing
His stage presence is the best
He should have won American Idol
But no matter what, he will have success.

Everything that happens,
Happens for a reason.
Because of Chris,
AI 5 was the best season.

At the Denver auditions he sang "The Letter"
And man did he blow me away.
"Welcome to Hollywood baby"
We waited for Randy to say.

Deanna outside the door crying,
Hopeing he would get though.
She knew this is what he wanted,
And she wanted his dreams to come true.

He came out of the door, without a ticket, Sad
And then he took off his hat.
Inside was the ticket to Hollywood,
Now how cute is that!?!?!?! Laughing out loud

He ran to Deanna
And gave her a hug.
You could tell from that moment
They were so in love!

"Emotion" and "First Cut Is the Deepest"
He nailed every note.
They put him though to the show,
Now it was up to America to vote.

"Wanted Dead or Alive"
"Hemorrhage" and "Broken",
He kept moving on,
America had spoken.

"Higher Ground" was amazing
And next was "I walk the line",
He did it for Deanna
Because Johnny wrote it for his wife at the time.

He rocked it hard with "What If"
It was the heaviest song he did on the show.
Then slowed it down with "Memories of Us"
And did Queen proud with "Innuendo".

"What A Wonderful World" was "Da Bomb"
and completely heart felt.
"Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman"
Made every woman watching melt!

One of my personal favorites was "Renegade"
He sang it with such conviction
And "I Dare You" was so amazing
It was confirmed, I had a Chris addiction!

"A Little Less Conversation" was sexy,
And he knew his fans had "Suspicious Minds"
So he answered our question
And told what underwear goes on his behind (boxer briefs!)

When he was voted off of American Idol,
It felt like the worst.
But when God closes one door,
He opens another one first.

America really got this one wrong
But don't worry that Chris was cursed.
Not winning was the best thing for him,
Because fourth place is the new FIRST!

Since American Idol,
What hasn't he done?
He may have placed 4th
But it seems like HE won!

He turned down the Fuel offer
To go after his dreams.
He started a band of his own
And they make a great team.

Chris, Joey,
Josh, Brian and JP
Who is the best band in the world?
That would be Daughtry!!!!

Bald is beautiful
Or so they say,
Chris is beautiful inside and out
In every single way!

From his sexy bald head
To his black leather boots,
His charming personality
Matched with his southern boy roots.

He is an amazing writer
And he sure can sing.
I love his signature wallet chain
That is his little "bling, bling"

Joey is so sexy!
He knows he is hot.
He beats on those drums
And gives it all that he's got.

Steely on the guitar
Strumming away.
Rocking it out
In a rock star way.

JP on the bass,
Just bouncin' around.
If he takes his shirt off,
Please pick me up off of the ground!

Brian, he's not just the "new guy"
No. He is so much more.
He can play guitar like it's nobody's business
He completes Daughtry for sure!

I am sure you have their CD by now,
But if you don't, let me know.
I bought at least 20 extras,
So I guess I can let 1 or 2 go.

If you haven't seen Daughtry yet,
You are really missing out!!
Good lucking getting a ticket
Cause they're all sold out!

Daughtry doesn't need to ask,
"Do I Make You Proud?"
Their record sales speak volumes,

Daughtry's success will last
A lifetime though.
And when someone mentions Taylor
I say, "Taylor who?" (no disrespect, it just sounded good, just in good fun! I wish everyone the best of luck!!! and congrats to them all!!)



Just one dose of Daughtry will "cure all"

Been feeling down? Don't know what to do? Don't know what is wrong? You need "Daughtry"! The one and only "cure all" therapy proven to be 100% safe and effective and guaranteed to satisfy!

You need "Daughtry" if you have signs/symptoms of depression, general malaise, flu like symptoms, decreased sex drive, boredom, or just if you want to FEEL GREAT AND ENJOY SOME KICK ASS MUSIC!

CD- at your nearest retail outlet or itunes. listen as needed (PRN) and as often as you would like. Can not over dose!
Live- do not consume more than 6 concerts per week- CAN BE FATAL!!!

Side Effects: (studies show that the benefits of Daughtry outweigh the following side effects!)

syncope (dizziness), lightheadedness, vertigo, weakness, fainting, headache, back/leg pain,

Anxiety, hypertension, fatigue, dehydration, dry mouth (can be cured with a jager bomb or drink of choice), night-sweats, hot flashes, "Taki" fever (if fever occurs: just take one in the morning, just take 1 before bed. The dark blue is for forgiveness. Take the green when you see red.)

Very Frequent:
Increased libido (sex drive), drooling, foaming at the mouth, hyperventilating, hyperactivity, excitement/restlessness, insomnia, diaphoresis (profuse sweating), tachycardia (rapid heartbeat), heart palpitations, smile-itis (persistent smile), uncontrollable urges/involuntary reflexes such as throwing your arms in the air, "you rock" hand gestures, ass shaking, foot stomping, head banging, and yelling and screaming which can cause secondary side effects such as sore throat and temporary loss of voice.

CAUTION!: Daughtry is extremely habit forming and addictive. Do no abruptly discontinue "Daughtry". Compliance with therapy regimen is essential. Do not stop taking "Daughtry" without talking to your doctor first. Adverse reactions can occur if you stop taking "Daughtry" abruptly! Avoid tasks that required alertness and motor skills until response to therapy is established.

* Can take "Daughtry" along with a shot of "Cinder Road" and a hit of "Eve To Adam" to intensify results.

If "Daughtry" does not make you feel great, seek medical attention immediately!!!!! Something is REALLY wrong with you!

Daughtry (just plain and simple) makes me feel good and cures my ailments. That is why I am a fan of "Daughtry" and you should be too!


I am a fan (and you should be too), because... (if you have to ask.... YOU HAVEN'T HEARD THEIR CD YET OR SEEN THEM LIVE!

Their music is like no other. One listen, and you will be hooked!

The second I seen Chris during the Denver auditions, I knew there was something very special about him. He has an amazing voice, but along with that, he is an awesome person! He has a wonderful sense of humor and an incredible love for his family and God. He is such a genuine, down to earth guy that deserves all the success in the world!!!!

When Chris was offered the gig with Fuel, I knew he would make the right decision, and HE DID!!!! He couldn't have chosen a better group of guys to form DAUGHTRY!!!! The 4 J's are exactly what Chris needed to form the best band in the world. (edited: I will miss Jeremy and wish him all the best! Welcome Brian Laughing out loud Can't wait to get to know more about you and see you with Daughtry. If you are good enough for Daughtry, then you are good enough for me!)

Very few bands (in my opinion) have ever released a CD with 12 GREAT tracks on it, but Daughtry has done it! What makes that even more impressive is that Chris wrote/co-wrote, all but 2 of the songs on the album. Chris is not only a singer, he is a performer and an amazing writer. His lyrics are so passionate and heart felt. I can relate to every song on the album in one way or another.

This is one band that will be around for a long time, spitting out amazing album after amazing album. Chris has proved to America (and the rest of the world) that you don't have to be the winner of American Idol, to be An American Idol. And that he is!

All the guys in Daughtry bring something a little different to the band, which is what makes Daughtry so special and unique. I can't wait to see these guys live. I can tell it is going to be one kick (butt) time Laughing out loud

\,,/ ROCK ON \,,/

***You guys CRASHED into me, and now I can’t get enough! I USED TO dream about the day I would meet all of you. WHAT I WANT more than anything, is to win those VIP passes so I can tell you guys about ALL THESE LIVES you have touched and so I could jam out with my girls all the way THERE AND BACK AGAIN. I would BREAKDOWN in tears of joy (not really) if I got the chance to meet you guys! I am so excited about all my Daughtry concerts that it almost FEELS LIKE TONIGHT. I wish it was! But the when the concerts are over, I will say “WHAT ABOUT NOW? IT’S NOT OVER. It can’t be. I don’t want to go HOME! I need more Daughtry!!!! They can’t be GONE!........ SORRY but I am so crazy OVER YOU guys!!!!!



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