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"Reflecting now how things could have been, It was worth it in the end."

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Revised June 1, 2009 in honor of "Leave This Town"

Daughtry has got "that something special". You just cannot help but love those boys. They are ordinary guys that are extremely talented and have amazing, fun loving chemistry together. Their love for music is infectious and makes going to their shows so worth while. Just as the band is passionate about sharing their music, the fans are so excited about coming to the shows. It all makes for some unforgettable good times. Its been a great experience to watch Daughtry grow and evolve from day zero and share it with the other fans every step of the way. Daughtry lifer fans seem to have fun loving, big hearts who are moved to constantly support and give more. I love going to a Daughtry show because it just makes me incredibly happy to see those guys play. I learned from Daughtry what a powerful tool good music is to change my state of mind. Music is now my happy escape. Daughtry's music can lift my spirits on my worst day, makes me sing to lyrics that seem to change meaning with my life and puts a huge smile on my face that the whole world seems to notice. The voice of Chris Daughtry is so comforting and has the ability to push my emotions so much so, that I know the answer to "why I am a fan" is so much Bigger than Daughtry itself.

The road to being a life long fan has been a fun one.

Peace and Rock On!
Maria from Ct.


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