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I am a fan (and you should be too), because... how can anyone not love Daughtry?? Chris worked so hard to be where he is and is so talented. I have been a fan since day 1. Not only is Chris a great entertainer, he loves his fans, or he would not have performed at the venue in Columbus; believe me this place was definitely needing a facelift. He also signed autographs and took pictures for everyone wanting one. THANKS CHRIS!!

WOW...2009 now, and cannot wait for the new CD & Tour. You guys rocked in York, PA and I am hoping you guys will rock like that from now on. You now have more songs to share and we are all hoping your shows will be longer. My Daughtry CD lives in my player, wherever I am the CD is..LOL. I now Live for Daughtry!!!! My God, My Family and Daughtry!!!!

2009 Tour so far is great!! Lovin the new CD. I rock with Daughtry every day!!! So lovin you guys being in Ohio!! Youngtown, Ohio, concert was good, Huntington, Wv concert was amazing and VIP was awesome. You guys were so sweet and fun at the VIP. New leg of tour 2009-2010, cannot wait to see you guys again in Ohio and Pittsburgh!! Lovin Daughtry every day!! =+). LC Pavilion in Columbus was awesome. What a blast.

Now 2010 tour as been amazing. Columbus at Schotts. is the best ever so far. Great VIP, totally awesome soundcheck, and the best concert with Lifehouse. So cannot wait for Pittsburgh. Waitin for the news for the Third CD!!!!


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