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well i never saw it coming, i should've started running, a long long time ago, and i never thought to doubt you, i'm better off without you, more than you, more than you know

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over you
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I am a fan (and you should be too), because...chris is an excellent singer and song writer. His music is awesome and his lyrics are so real. He proves that anyone can make it if they put their mind and soul into something they believe in. I am kinda glad that he did not get american idol ( even though he was the best singer out of all of them) but this way he can play his own music which rocks by the way and do his own thing. I'll admit that at first on the show I did not know what to expect from chris but something told me to buy his record and you know WHAT, it has not left my cd player! I LOVE THE ENTIRE CD!!! Every song is awesome and I cannot wait to see him in person!! Anyone out there that has friends that don't have his cd (which i find it hard to believe that they don't) get them to BUY it!! It is sooo worth every penny and more!! Chris if you read this just want to tell you great job on the cd and can't wait to see you in concert --I'm sure you will be great!!


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