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Then I CRASHED into You
And I went up in flames
Could've been the death of me
But then You breathed Your breath in me
Then I CRASHED into You
Like a runaway train
You will ~ consume ~ me, But I can't walk away
From Your face, Your eyes
They're burned into me
You saved me, You gave me
Just what I need
Oh, just what I need

~ Consumed ~ by God ~

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Chris Daughtry, Nina Ossoff, Dana Calitri, & Kathy Sommer

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I have an indescribable love for Chris' voice! I know I keep saying it over and over, but I have never heard anyone else even come close to the absolutely mesmerizing way that he sounds! Not to mention, how he puts his soul into everything he sings! It's like you're not only able to hear and see his music come alive, but you can actually feel it deep down in your soul!

Chris seems to be a very loving and caring MAN, making him even more beautiful inside and out, if that's possible! I find it amazing how he shows his love for Christ, Deanna, and their kiddos! He has tons of adoring fans and most of them women, some who are always talking about how hot he is and what they would give to be with him, but he always makes it known how much he loves and is devoted to his wife and no other woman could ever take her place! Anyone can father a child, but it takes a REAL MAN to be a DAD! At such a young age, he married the love of his life, accepted her daughter as his own and adopted her son when he was a baby! Now that's what I call ~ HOT ~ !!! On November 17, 2010, God blessed them with twins ~ Adalynn Rose & Noah James!

All of the DAUGHTRY Guys are absolutely amazing! They are all married and proud of that fact! One of my favs is Josh Paul, JP! He is the bassist and he is one of the sweetest men that I have ever met. He's the one with the huge Smile and all the tatts, that we always see bopping around on stage rippin on the bass. He seems like a great daddy and husband, to Kara. He's down to earth and a normal as can be guy! It's totally cool knowing he reads each and every tweet and pm that is sent to him, he occassionally replies too. He also pops in on the boards at DAUGHTRY OFFICIAL and expresses his gratitude for us, the fans!

Another amazing man is Brian Craddock, one of the guitarist, he's usually on the right hand side of the stage if you're lookin up from the floor. He's not very talkative, but his wife, Holly, always lets us know how amazing he is and how proud of him, she is!

They all hold a special place in my heart, but especially, Chris, JP, & Brian! I have been blessed by God through their love of music and life!

I've also been blessed to go to several concerts now ~

May 12, 2007 ~ Taste of Addison ~ Addison, Texas

Aug 14, 2009 ~ Warehouse Live ~ Houston, Texas

Dec 12, 2009 ~ Freeman Coliseum ~ San Antonio, Texas

Sep 18, 2010 ~ Pizza Hut Park ~ Frisco, Texas

Nov 15, 2011 ~ Mix 96.5 ~ House of Blues ~ Houston, Texas

Feb 18, 2012 ~ Stock Show & Rodeo ~ San Antonio, Texas

Anywho, I totally love their music! I always tell everyone how awesome our guys and their music is and as soon as I let them listen to my CD's, they're like fish out of water! Hook, line and sinker! Talking about a KEEPER!!!

If you haven’t bought a copy yet and you are waiting for a written invitation ~ well here it is: Go buy their absolutely kickin’ CD's!!! There is absolutely no way you will ever regret it!!!

Thanks Guys, for being who you are!



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