Chris & Deanna Daughtry

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Can't wait to see your show tonight with my own IVF miracle - my 13 year old son, Ben. Ben is one of my triplets via IVF, our only son - five girls. Congrats!!! AND its really not any harder to raise multiples, enjoy every moment!!!

Congrats! We are expecting our little IVF bundle of joy in Aug. Thank goodness for IVF as this was our only option for conceiving!

Congrats again to the Entire daughtry Family. =) I'm sure Deanna has already done it... But if you'd like a couple of EXCELLENT book references you've got to get What To Expect When You're Expecting, What To Expect The First Year, & Toddler Years. These books were staples in my house when I had my children and I've bought several of them over the years for friends and family that were expecting. The Expecting book is great for Mommy, Daddy, brother & sister because it gives you a week by week account of the babies growth. Best wishes from the Beagles Family to yours and we'll be sure to keep your family in our prayers.

Congratulations to Chris & Deanna!! That is wonderful news! Twins are twice the fun. My mom is a twin and she also had twins. I am sorry that I had to miss your San Antonio concert. My daughter bought 2 tickets for the concert for Mommy and Me time, but due to a very serious car accident on the 3rd of December I was not able to attend. I will be there next time you are in San Antonio though. Good Luck to you in the future!

That is great news. I am a mother of two myself both boy and girl. But to add to the Daughtry family is a blessing. Sorry to hear about Deanna surgery. Glad to here that in the end it worked out. Congrats maybe the little ones with have the same birthday as my Daughter Novemeber10 is a great day. May you find comfort in knowing we all stand behind you and your family. Best Wishes to the Daughtry family

Shelley M

shelley malcolm

CONGRATULATIONS Daughtry Family! Smiling

Congratulations Chris and Deanna!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you guys!!!

Daughtry rocks my world!

I am so happy for the two of you. It couldn't happen to a better couple. Being a mother and a grandmother I understand your joy. Congrats and may God Bless Your Family.

Jeanne Bradburn

Congratulations, that is great news. Children are such a blessing and as much as you will be blessed with them they will be blessed with you as parents. I am expecting our second child, a boy in October myself. I will be in Hampton Virginia on June 12, to see you guys, I wouldn't miss it. Our 8 year old daughter Brianna will be with us. Best of Luck with the babies.

OMG OMG .... I was always saddened about the fact that Deanna had that surgery while he was on idol. This is such amazing news that they can now have their family grow. Deanna will be showered with gifts from Daughtry fans from all over the world!!!! Congrats and best of the bestest wishes for your family Smiling


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