ANSWER me this please...CHRIS question

Yeah maybe I should put it in the Chris forum, but didnt feel like it so I am putting it here.

WHAT was the first SONG Chris Sang on Idol when it was the first Guys sing/vote night?
My brain is failing me and I cant remember!! Please help me with this question!

So like after Chris made it from hollywood to the top 24 and it was the first night you could vote, what song did he sing?

I cant believe I cant remember!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhh

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Wed, Feb. 22 "Wanted Dead Or Alive"
Wed, Mar. 1 "Hemmorhage (In My Hands)"
Wed, Mar. 8 "Broken"
Tue, Mar. 14 "Higher Ground"
Tue, Mar. 21 "I Walk the Line"
Tue, Mar. 28 "What If"
Tue, Apr. 4 "Making Memories of Us"
Tue, Apr. 11 "Innuendo"
Tue, Apr. 18 "What a Wonderful World"
Tue, Apr. 25 "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman"
Tue, May. 2 "Renegade"
Tue, May. 2 "I Dare You"
Tue, May. 9 "A Little Less Conversation"
Tue, May. 9 "Suspicious Minds"

When we were blown away when there were still 12 guys, and then 1 year later hopelessly addicted still.

DaughtryBug is definitely right Dead or Alive was first and then Hemmorage.

HE KICKED ASS AT WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE.......I HAVE HIM SINGING IT ON MY IPOD......KICK ASS (yes im working on the swearing thing)

THANK YOU, I was pretty sure it was wanted dead or alive but people at work had me second guessing myself..
Thanks again you guys are great!


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If you have any questions...just ask Dbug! She knows ALL! Laughing out loud

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Wanted Dead Or Alive was the first. Smiling

Fuel's Hemmorage was the second performance. Smiling

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was it fuels hemmorage in my hands.

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