Break The Spell


Break The Spell 2011


# Song Title Video Lyrics Price Buy It
1 You Don't Belong
3 Every Time You Turn Around
4 Life After You
5 What I Meant To Say
6 Open Up Your Eyes
7 September
8 Ghost Of Me
9 Learn My Lesson
10 Supernatural
12 Call Your Name

Reviews (4)

UI love the album and the song keep listening to all the songs over and over again Smiling Can`t wait to see you guys in Munich wish you would play a full set.

this Record is Killer, Epic, Amazing and so many more!!! totally in Love with every single song Smiling

Snippets gibts schon auf amazon.mp3 zu hören!

There we´re more hits on the first record, but the good songs on "leave this town" really rock! The ballads are awesome!

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