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Hey @ all!!
I'm new here but I love Chris Daughtry's songs.
Unfortunately, I only have two songs ( It's not Over and Feels Like Tonight) but I listented to some sample songs and I actually loved all of them.
Since I live in ethiopia, it's not really easy to get his album.
EDITED - Please do not trade music illegally.


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I downloaded his CD at first, listened to all the songs, but then I thought that this CD has so much power and its a really great album, so I had to buy it. I am very happy and satisfied!!! All his songs are great, I am glad I have it Smiling

Ethiopia! Well how did you get to hear Chris? He certainly is getting world-wide fame!

I'm from New Zealand and the album has only just this week been released here.

But then I did listen to all the songs on here, and someone down-loaded it for me. Was thinking of ordering it from Amazon. It can be ordered from other companies too.

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