What would you do to meet Chris Daughtry

We alrealdy know how chris obbsesed you are...but what would you do to meet him???

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Elizabeth, I totally agree with everything you said in your earlier post. It is his beautiful voice that caught me the first time I heard it on American Idol. I have been obsessed with "The Voice" ever since. My family thinks I am crazy, but I don't care. After meeting the band at one of the concerts, all I can think about is doing it again and again. I don't know what I would do to meet him again. All I know is that I WANT to.

August 2009 - Warehouse Live - Houston, TX
December 2009 - Freeman Colliseum - San Antonio, TX VIP
September 2010 - Pizza Hut Park - Frisco, TX

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Hi Elizabeth,
There are no backstage passes. You can purchase a VIP package which includes a meet & greet with the band and a picture with the band. Other than that, people who have been lucky enough to get a pic with Chris did so by waiting around by the tour buses after the show. Depending upon his availability sometimes he will come out to the folks waiting to sign autographs, but there's no guarantee. Best bet if you want to meet Chris is to buy a VIP package. Smiling

I wonder why it is that nobody wants to share this information, lol No worries, you'll never see me or meet me ever so just help me out and help me get a backstage pass to have my photo taken w/ him. I'd do anything....maid service for a week, jump off a bridge, (ok, kidding) Please get me an ALL ACCESS PASS.......ok, now I"m Begging!!!! Please.

Elizabeth Romero (#1 Chris Fan ever)

I voted like mad on American Idol, cried like hell when he was voted off the show and pissed that Catherine wasn't the one to leave....that was a shocker for me that I still can't get over. I've left my family to travel to four concerts during this tour, bought his albums, t-shirts, hats, and I have a huge picture album full of his photos w/ little notes on the side,.....wow, I'm truly a dedicated FAN indeed!!!
So what would I do? I don't know where to begin. I've been stressfully searching for a backstage pass to meet him and have had no luck. Just made me realize how true the quote, "Stars are unrecheable" If he only knew what I've gone through so far just to try and meet him, he'd call me and say, "hey, come my next concert and I'll make sure we meet then" lol seriously!

I'd love to meet him. He's so different and every single time I listen to that unique voice, I get chills. Thats how amazing he is to me. I don't know what it is about his voice, but it gets me right in the heart every single time. Hard to believe, I pray for him and his family and his twins which are on their way, every single day! I truly do love this person in the most respectful and sincere way. I'm so thankful to God for his success. God bless him and his family.

Elizabeth Romero

Elizabeth Romero (#1 Chris Fan ever)

you have no idea what i would do....i would streaking at the super bowl if there was a tiny chance i could meet Chris.........



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Join a great fan site, such as here, or the Chrisahollics forum (www.createforum.com/chrisaholics) or myspace!

i would do almost anything to meet him. i love his music. i bought his cd right after it came out. i love it alot. i would most likely pass out if i was to met him or even get a reply about anything from him.

As much as I love him I don't even know what I would do or say if I met him. I would probably be sooo nervous, so I don't really think i'd do anything special to meet him, other then try to be in the right place at the right time. The fantasy is probably better off in my head, I'm sure my husband would agree.
Now to have front row seats to a show thats a different story.

Daughtry "WUZ" here and so was I...
Irving Plaza 3/19/07
Nassau Coliseum 5/18/07
Palace Theatre 9/13/07
Prudential Center 11/4/07
Ritacco Center
Allentown Fair 8/27/08

now that's a loaded question!!!



"Nothing could be finer than Daughtry in Carolina"

LOL Yep I would shave my legs ,Shower,Put on makeup, Wear perfume, Uh wait I would do that anyways.....ok I got it ...I would shave my husbands head LOL

I would spend all day with a phone in hand -listening to a radio station that I don't much care for, with korny DJ's and too many commercials for my chance at calling in to win tickets/meet & greet chances Smiling

As painful as it is Smiling ...It would be sooooo worth it!!!


Well honestly I would do just about anything, as long as it didnt disrespect my hubby or his wife. I really do love thier music, and think that they are upstanding gentleman and would love to meet him and pick his brain about how much his life has changed since his audition on AI. I think it would be a surreal moment and i would try to soak it up and remember it forever. My 9 year old daughter thinks i am obsessed, and I am to a point, I just love them that much.

I would not do anything crazy either. I could not disrepect is wife and kids that way. I think I would just have to also be at the right place at the right time and hope he would speak to me and my hubby (That I would not trade for Chris sorry)....

Chris Daughtry is OMG HOT!!!

Wishing you the Best

its not easy to say what i would do to meet chris. i mean, i wouldnt go to psychotic extremes but i'd have to say, i'd go pretty far. that doesnt mean when & if i met him i'd be like "omgosh chris i love you blah blah blah." But this man has seriously inspired me soo much. He's influenced me to better myself & i appreciate all of his hard work & dedication. I'd loveee to meet him, it'd seriously be the story of my life.


i couldnt do anything to crazy but i'd do a lot to meet him, i love the guy.


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I wouldn't do anything crazy. I wouldn't shave my head or get a DAUGHTRY tattoo LOL! Just be at the right place at the right time is all I need. If he walks passed me, then I'd say hello Chris nice to meet you, I love your music and shake his hand. Smiling and then stare at his lovely eyes and say I LOVE YOU! NOT j/k LOL I wouldn't disrepect him or his family.



While this thread is funny, some of the responses are more than a little disturbing

When he came across the road (after almost being hit by a car), I just asking him if I could have his autograph and he said sure.

You guys are doing crazy stuff when all you have to do is ask Smiling


"If you live in the past, you will never have a future to look forward to"
Tony Wojtowich - 2005

"If you live in the past, you will never have a future to look forward to"
Tony Wojtowich - 2005

ok this is really funny. Just last night my husband and I were talking about Valentines Day! I told him I want to go get another tattoo.I too think and considering myself classy( You can be Classy, And be Sassy, but never Trashy)any way I already have two tattoo's and have had my belly button and eyebrow peirced, but took them out when I got preg. I thought then it wasnt very motherly (you know the hermones talking)
I was saying for Valentines Day I wanted to go get a tat of a cross on my lower back or a butterfly by my hip. My husband has been buggin the **it out me for forever to go get my nipples peirced. I tell him it will hurt like a mother **cker and just cant see it happening let alone have some guy do it. so were talking last night about a new tattoo and he says "no no tattoo get the nipples perced." I tell him no for like the gillzion time and he said :
I bet you would get them peirced to meet Chris Daughtry?
my answer was " DAMN RIGHT I WOULD!!!" ( only for my
husband to see!)
the look on his face was priceless just thought I would share this little story with you all since it just happen last night.It was totally funny.

Just about anything. Right now my girlfriends and I are losing weight before his Charlotte show in April. My goal is 50 pounds in 2 1/2 months. I pretty much am giving up on food. I am a stress eater and everythime I feel like need to eat I listen to Chris and workout. I am changing my habits because the music is changing me.

It's pretty easy to meet bands after the show. I have met tons of celebs. Just don't be afraid to approach them:)

be willing to...

1. Publicly humiliate myself. This could involve multiple scenerios at the band's or management's discretion. (No nudity though)

2. Eat weird Fear Factor type foods.... including insects and pig intestine type stuff.

3. Plunge myself into the Ohio River during these cold temperatures.

4. Wear a t-shirt that reads, "Yes, I'm really 30 and I'm still a Daughtry Diva!"

5. Pay out my hard earned money that I've been saving for updates to my house.

6. Shave off my curly hair and go bald ala Chris.

7. Cut my hair into a curly mohawk like Josh Paul.

8. Oh screw it, I'd do ANYTHING! Who am I kidding!?!

"Super Fan Stacy"-- aka DAUGHTRY's biggest fan in Cincinnati!!!


I think I would do just about anything that didn't get me arrested or disrespect my husband or Chris' wife!

Hmmm, I would do just about anything. Notice I said just about. I wouldn't want to do anything to hurt his marriage or my relationship, but I would certainly be willing to make a HUGE fool out of myself. What ever you want. Ha ha

i told my husband that i was gonna lose weight, go to one of his concerts and steal him from his wife..lol no really..i'd give anything to hear (and see) him live! the closest show is in houston and i can't seem to get tickets, hopefully i'll win the vip tickets..


well i could babysit his kids one night~ that's not too degrading..
UUUummmm give me Starbucks and Daughtry and I'm set!

UUUUUmmmmm give me Starbucks and Daughtry and I'm set!

I would do some pretty crazy stuff, but I will not compromise my values. That's just who I am. I love to have fun and I am passionate about meeting Daughtry, but I will remain true to who I am.

i would do so many things.. i would probably go in front of the whole world and probably scream out sayin i love chris daughtry... and i would probably fight for him... i love chris daughtry and i would do anything just tooo meet him... just for him to hold me in his arms... i love him moreeeeeeeeeeeee than anything... he brings tears to my eyes wen i hear him sing.. .and he makes my heart beat faster and faster and faster!!! i love him so much!!

I would do anything beyond your wildest dreams. I don't care if it's good, or bad, right, or wrong. I would just do anything to meet the guy! Even if it's traveling half way across the world or breaking my legs and arms. I don't care what it is, I want to meet him so badly i'm willing to hurt myself!!!!!!!!

In these ever-changing days Chris the one thing that remains..


We got balls,we got bats!-Joey Barnes

Pretty much. I'd do anything degrading or bad that you want me to. I'm not that classy I guess, eh? lmao. Oh well...

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I would shave my head bald and show up in a frog outfit singing the national anthem for all to hear. Sad, yes...but TOTALLY worth it

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Rocked with Daughtry:
-September 17, 2006 in Syracuse, NY
-March 17, 2007 in Troy, NY
-July 14, 2007 in Hershey, PA
-December 11, 2007 in Syracuse, NY
-August 21, 2008 in Syracuse, NY
-November 17, 2009 in Bridgeport, CT!!!!!

Give up my boyfriend. Laughing out loud Think I'm joking? ..Not really! It depends on the situation though.

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"This love is killing me, but you're the only one." - Daughtry

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"This love is killing me, but you're the only one." - Daughtry

Hmmm.... I am pretty classy as well and wont do anything degrading or bad, but I will do something crazy for him!


\,,/ Roni (short for Veronica)


I am a very classy lady, and would not do anything degrading or bad!!!! I would do some pretty crazy stuff!!!!!

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