Watch Daughtry's Performance on Fox & Friends

What a morning for Daughtry! They did a live performance for Fox and Friends’ All American Summer Concert Series! Watch their killer performance of "Home", "September", "Long Live Rock & Roll" and "Battleships" below!

Download Daughtry's latest album here.

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What a bunch of hogwash. Get off the guy's case. Do people really believe our troops are so insecure and tender that they're offended because Daughtry didn't lead nougat-headed Steve Doucy in a sparkle-eyed, flag-waving singalong? Soldiers on the front lines aren't so petty!

If anything, they should feel disrespected by Fox & Friends fans not respecting Daughtry's right to express himself and his patriotism in WHATEVER WAY HE CHOOSES. By creating this witch hunt, these so-called patriot defenders devalue our troop's efforts by implying that anyone they disagree with shouldn't be allowed to exercise their rights. The same rights our soldiers are defending - which by the way, includes NOT being ambushed and bullied into a patriotism pap smear test by a gang of phony talk show hosts!

Here's my .02 cents worth on the matter. I am a combat veteran of the USMC. I grew up in NC and I joined the Corps to try to make a better life for myself. Yes, I had to view the world from the barrel of a gun, but so what ? I did what I did because I love my country no matter what. Most of us veterans join the military for various reasons, but in the end we all knows it boils down to one thing - we do what we do for our families and our American way of life. I don't need any praise or apologies from anyone because everyone is entitled to their opinions. And they have the right to step on their pecker once in a while. Sometimes we have dumbasses who step on their junk on a regular basis, but who cares ? Not me. Words are nothing but hot air from a pair of flapping lips... Period. Anyone who puts down another's opinions because they disagree with them truly knows nothing about what we sacrifice for. One commenter here stated they were ashamed of this man's gaff. OK... That's your opinion. - now get over it Slick. Nothing anyone can say will ever diminish what I've done in my life for America. All the bulls*** in the world will never convince me I did wrong for my country. The man screwed the pooch and said I'm sorry, get over it. Apologizing seems to be the normal thing these days. It is what it is. If more people engage their damned brains before they loose their tongues maybe we'd all live in Happyville, but it ain't the case, so build a bridge and get over it already. For crying out loud - the man's an entertainer and I for one never take the words of an entertainer seriously. Neither should anyone else for that matter. Until another person has walked a mile in my boots or slept in a mud hole or been shot at, I can't take their opinions seriously. I just view their stupidity for what it is and move on with life. You step on your pecker once in a while... Learn from it and move on already. No sense in beating a dead horse over your poor little hurt feelings.

Thank you Chris for the apology.

Son, it's okay to say what you mean. That is why we have the right of free speech in this country. There was no need to apologize. I am sure it is difficult to go onto a show, on a network, that you may not like. But we (your fans) need to remember, the most important thing is for you to get the music out however you can. Carry on with the good music; However, next time do not appear with those you may not truly wish to work with. It will provide for you much less stress.

Keep up the good work!!

Dear Chris. You know I have been a fan since day one. I know who you are and what you stand for. I know how many times you have performed for the troops to show your appreciation to our veterans. I know how many charitable organizations you work for and how much of your own time and money you have given to help so many here and abroad. I know in your heart you are hurting because that one line does not define who you are. It was not said with malice. It was an in the moment response to a situation you were not prepared for. Your apology is sincere and heartfelt and I hope all veterans understand how much you truly and sincerely appreciate them. Your actions, not your words prove that. My Mom was a WWII Navy Veteran and on behalf of her service, I hope you you forgive yourself - but I know the hurt in your heart is real, and I hope you can move on and continue to be the amazing performer, family man and benefactor that you have always been. With much love, Barbara

aka TwinB10

Have you ever been on live tv.? Even though you sing live in concerts, many artists say that there is somethng about live tv that even seasoned professionals get nervous. So, Picture, if you will, you just sang your well rehearsed song and there is a sense of relief. Then the hosts asks you to pull a song out your butt, your heart races, you begin to sweat, panic sets in, your mind is racing, so something spews
out of your mouth you don't mean. So no one has ever done similar? It took a real man to give a no excuse sincere apology like Chris did.

Good apology but.......still can't believe he did that. God Bless our troops....I would think most American bands would have a Patriotic Song easily accessible. Hope it wasn't a political stunt because of where he was at...I'm sure a good many of his fans would be considered concervative. Anyway it is too bad...don't know that this fan can get past it!!!!

Um, excuse me but Chris has already apologized. Check their Youtube channel. Sure the 'off the clock' comment was a slip-up, but everyone makes mistakes sometimes. But hey, at least he apologized Smiling Anyway, more power to Daughtry. I really, really, really wish you'd hold a concert here in the Philippines. Definitely keeping my fingers crossed Laughing out loud

I watched the FOX bit. You, 'sir' are one POS! "I'm off the clock"? Really? You are OFF my family's list as nothing but a person with NO CLASS! Apologize to America you A-hole!

BTW: I only 'registered' to enable me to 'comment' on your un-American behavior.

I really don't believe you will EVER appear on FOX again. Maybe to un-soil your pathetic reputation by publically apologizing on National TV.

You were and ARE discraceful to ur country Many thousands of Americans DIED so that you and your family r free 2 succeed! 2 disrespect ur ?fans ."Off the clock?" Ur off my families and friends clock FOREVER!!!!!

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