Watch Daughtry's "Battleships" Lyric Video

Hey Ya'll. We wanted to share the official lyric video to Daughtry's "Battleships" track. Take a look at the premiere on VEVO.

And make sure you to click here to download Daughtry's new album Baptized.

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Hi...Firstly I just wanted to say how fantastic the album is - I asked my fiancee to have long live rock n roll at our wedding ..... lyric video for battleships is also great. This comment is probably a long shot, but I wanted to ask permission to use the first ten seconds of 'long live rock n roll' as an intro to youtube videos i make helping kids learn science...ive been teaching for 5 years now, and decided to set up 'mr i explains', to help pupils learn bits and bobs they struggle with, and they kept saying to me that I needed an awesome tune to start the videos off - and I thought of you guys.... I figure this post might get deleted as its more of a request than anything else, but thought id just ask Smiling.... All the best !!!

Love this song Smiling

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