Watch Chris’ Pennzoil Turn Up The Music & Drive

It's all about rock & roll and muscle cars for Chris Daughtry! Watch VEVO's Turn Up The Music And Drive to find out Chris’ thrill of driving and listening to music (that's where he tests out new songs) & the first car he ever bought as a teen!

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Thanks for the update! I can NOT wait for the new album and another tour!!!


Can't wait for the next cd I wish you would come to Toledo or Fort Wayne so I can watch another one of your concerts


WHAT? You aren't coming to the northwest? We love you too!!

Cool. Album 4 can't come soon enough!
Hurry up, February!!!!
Can't believe we have to wait 7 more months.
Glad the new single will be out sooner than that, at least!
Glad too that this will mean 2014 will be a FUN year for us fans! Smiling

DAUGHTRY music (recorded & live) is my happy place! The BEST music & musicians in the industry, and THEE BEST voice on this planet! Nice guys too. Nuff said:)

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