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I saw Daughtry in concert last year in Michigan and that started my love for this band. Please come back to Michigan!!

I am huge fan as are all that are on ur fan page ... Having said this i have been so deeply inspired by who you are Chris as an Artist and as a man of dedication loyalty and love ... My Dream is to see you live in Concert and to Meet you in person !! I would love to see you come to Kelowna bc to perform please let us know if there is a plan to do so in the future with lots of love <3 <3 yours truly MIchelle R.

Hey, is there any chance of you coming back to Grand Rapids, MI?

When you are coming to Romania? Laughing out loud

Love to see you on Maui again!!

I can't wait until your concert in Erie, PA February 5th!
BTW, you spelled Erie wrong on your Tour Dates page.

I LOOOVVVEEEE you guys!!! Your the reason why i started singing!!!!! I wish that i could see you live in concert for my birthday in April tho. GO LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY lol


Daughtry is loved in Maine. Any chance for a concert at the Civic Center or at the Merrill Auditorium?

sucks that all you guys could get was the grog shop b/c thats in probably the worst part of town... def can't go. please try to at least get a venue in downtown even the agora or peabodys would be better b/c then atleast i wouldn't be scared to go

Chris , What Happenned to NYC, Or Even CT , Come show some Love

chris i <3 u SO MUCH PLZ COME to CT
new england loves you

yep going to mention this everyday! we need Syracuse/Rocheser Area Smiling

Rocked with Daughtry December 11th Syracuse NY!!
Rocked it with Daughtry August 21st 2008 NY STATE FAIR

I'm very disappointed. I do not see any tour dates for upstate or western New York. There are very well known tour venues such as Albany, Turning Stones, Rochester, and Buffalo. Every good tour hits at least one of these venues!! Get on the bandwagon!!

you need to come to GA......anywhere in georgia......i want to see you live!!!

no tour would be complete without some Southern hospitality! Hope to see ya soon!

IF anyone is interested in going to the Flint show in Michigan at the Machine Shop head to <a href=""></a> The show is ages 18+
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting"></a>

ticketmaster told me that the show in cincy was sold out before today because of a presale and referred me to the band's official website.....which is here. yet i see 4-5 different scalper sites that miraculously have tickets but at $100/ea. makes you wonder if the presale was only open to these scalper sites in order to make more money. i think a date at us bank arena should be scheduled this summer to make this up to all the fans!

Please come to the New Jersey The New York area PLEASE!!!

I just wanted to say, you guys really need to come to Peoria, Illinois!! You have an amazingly large fan base here, and I am sure it would be a sold out show!! Chris, when you came to Peoria on the Idol tour, you were the one that everyone went to see.....Please come back with Daughtry and Rock this town the way we need it !

Chris!! YOU need to come to New Jersey!!! I have to see you!! Either come to Count basie or continental airlines or something!! I need to see you!! You're the best e ver and i love your whole cd!

i just had to tell u guys how good you are and that you rock awesome!!! i find myself walking around the house singing ur song to myself and i never EVER get tired of ur great music! keep ROCKING!!! hope i get to seee you when ur around here. p.s. i wish my bros band BEDLAM could play with u guys sumhow too Smiling - but i see u already have 2 openers tho huh ? Sad oh well-- let me know tho if nething changes in the milw. chi. area - thx alot

I sent an email to the man in charge of production for concerts at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, and dont expect to hear anything today as it is Sunday
Basically I asked what the Paradise's policy was as far as how tickets are sold and scalping and all that
My point was if all the tickets were gone, then everybody that goes to the show (including myself) were the victims of so called "ticket brokers" better known as scalpers
It will be interesting to ask everyone in line how much they got taken for
I almost feel fortunate in the fact that I "only" paid $95.00 instead of the $395 they are asking for an Ebay, for a $20 ticket, not that Chris isnt worth alot more to see, but the price was listed on Ticketmaster as $20 plain and simple.
something is so rotten here


Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it all, and then some you don't want.............

come to spokane, seatlle is sold out. eastern washington is waiting. the big easy is open feb 5th. thanks

Why only one show in Michgian? We love you in Michigan you need to come to the Detroit area!!!!! Please!!!!!!

I went on my computer 5 mins before the sale went on had ticket master up had my bestfriend and her other 2 friends give me the money the day before for the concert and a soon as 10:00 hit I tryed to get the 4 tickets I got my tickets and then called my aunt up who also was getting tickets and by 10:05 when she went on they were all sold out I cant believe they were sold out I just thank god that I got my tickets I guess it was just my lucky of the Irish with him coming here on St. Pattys day that let me have my tickets

Mindy Lindberg

Mindy Lindberg

Does anyone know how much tickets are for the Joplin show and where you can get them at...i dont live there but that is closet to me besides st. louis but i am not 21 so that one is out..thanks ChrisFan2009

This is Debbie S. again....the other thing I forgot to mention is when I requested the tickets for Chicago the 2nd time (this time I changed the quantity from 4 to 2) the website wasn't even giving me the code to unscramble. I was furious and didn't know what was going on. The website was having some sort of problem...I had to back out and log back in again which at that point, knew time was of the essence and getting really nervous about the tickets. Not sure if anyone else had that problem yesterday with the ticketmaster website? And last, when I called Double Door, I asked if they were selling at their box office or at the door and he said NO. ALL tickets were sold through Ticketmaster, which is false advertising because Double Door's website said they were available at their box office starting 01/27, cash sales only! I even called Double Door a few weeks ago to get all the information straight and was told back then I could get them through Ticketmaster or through Double Door's box office. So I feel bad for any people who stood in line at the Double Door's box office because apparantly there were no tickets available through them. Hopefully better planning and organization for the next tour. No fault at all to Daughtry- they don't handle these things- this is all done through promoters.

~Debbie~ Eye-wink
~*~Pledge Mamma # 46 ~*~

~~Can never get enough of Daughtry~~

You have so many fans in the Midwest!! You HAVE to come here for your tour!! We Love YOU! MINNEAPOLIS, SIOUX FALLS, Heck I'll drive to OMAHA even...JUST PLEASE COME HERE!!!


Hoping to be a VIP to either event.This Jersey girl will travel!

Daughtry Rocks!

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