The Results Are In: Chris Daughtry’s 90 Day Challenge

It's been 90 days since Chris man made the decision to get in shape. And now, we're finally able to see the results! Check out Chris' amazing before & after photos below, and start your own challenge here!

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Holy man I think I'm speechless!

Hey Chris, im kind of doing the same thing your doing with the 90 day challenge deal, the thing is I started a little late and im going to planet fitness, any ideal things I should do there? Besides Biceps, Triceps, Abs, and legs and benching?

What was your decrease in body fat percentage? This is very inspirational to always make time for fitness. NO EXCUSES! At 40 I decided at 5 ft 190 lbs I was going to change my life. Got a personal trainer and went down from 42% body fat to 22% and 119 lbs. the struggle to maintain is grueling. Now 46 and only gained 8 lbs - tough for women guys - We got the DEAMON OF THE CHANGE OF LIFE - Uggg!! CONGRATS ON YOUR ABS AND UR NEW OUTLOOK ON DIET!!


Good Job Chris, im trying to do the same thing

One word...HOT!!

One word...HOT!!

You are a very beautiful man!

Amazing, incredible body, incredible results, i´m so impacient to get that results , but it´s taking to long!!!!

Does anybody know the name of the "go shot" that Chris drinks while working out? He calls it his "go shot"...I've looked that up and havent found anything that looks like that small white bottle. *Nevermind, I found out it's a Vi product*

Great job, Chris!!!!!

DAUGHTRY music (recorded & live) is my happy place! The BEST music & musicians in the industry, and THEE BEST voice on this planet! Nice guys too. Nuff said:)

OMG!!!!!! You are one beautiful Man! WOW!!!! I can't stop looking.

i have to've always been gorgeous, but...WOW!

you were perfect before but.........WOW!!!!!! congrats & great job. Definitely inspiring xo


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