Pre-order 'Baptized' - Exclusive Fan Edition CD

Daughtry wants you to be a part of their next album! Pre-order a super exclusive Fan Edition CD here, and have your name printed in the CD booklet!

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MarcScott, the same thing happened to me, and i contacted MyPlay and they emailed back saying that my payment has been cancelled and that i will no longer be receiving my order. It breaks my heart to hear this, because it is not my fault and i was one of the first people to pre order this album, and was guaranteed the poster signed by Chris and my name in the booklet. Now, it is going to be a big war to even find out if my name is in the booklet, because if it is not, i wont buy the CD through this website, ill just go pick it up at best buy. But let eveyone know as well, that i will never order through MyPlay ever again, very disappointed in their customer service. - Lisabeth

I hope to hear back from someone. I had pre-ordered this as a gift for my wife for her birthday. I still don't have the album or poster. The order says it's ready to ship and would arrive between Nov 19th and the 21st. And well we are well past that day. I've left messages with myplay and only gotten form letter responses. I'd love to get in touch with someone to figure things out.

Just got an e-mail and mine is being shipped today CANNOT wait to get it!!!!! I listened to the preview of the album so far, four times at least and LOVED it every time. I have to say this is my favorite album yet of his!
I love the art work on the cover, the songs are beautifully written and Daughtry's voice just touches your soul as always!!
Been with him as a fan since I saw him on American Idol!

i also tried to pre order last night before midnight and the site was down for matience and i wanted the fan edition is the offer going to be extended

waiting for superman

The store is back up now as is the pre-order option but does it mean I will still get it or no? Anyone from this site have the answers?! Glad to know I wasn't the only one affected by this unfortunate mishap. :/

I also have been unable to preorder this evening due to the ordering site being down for maintanence. It has now turned midnight, so I have missed out on the special offer. I hope the offer will be extended.

It said we had until 11:59 Eastern time tonight and I tried ordering at what would have been 11:43 Eastern time. Why would they shut down the store with time still open to pre-order this?! I'm super upset right now!! Anyone know of a number I can call?!?! So frustrated at the moment! Would've ordered sooner but I don't get paid until 11:00p.m. Eastern time so I really couldn't. But still, that's an hour left that I had. But I couldn't because of the store being down for maintenance. GRRRRR!!!! Sad

Store has been down for a little bit actually. How can I assure myself a copy of this Exclusive if it won't let me purchase ANYTHING from the store? Like the store won't even open at all. Please someone give me a place to go?!

I'm trying to order and it is 10:52 Central time and it's saying the site is down due to maintenance?! Had to wait until I got paid. HELP!!!??? Sad

Got my pre-order too!! Love "Waiting for Superman"- Excellent- Can't wait to hear the rest of the album. Need to call the radio stations and let them know about this new single!!! Smiling Would of loved the poster, but met Chris and Brian in Hartford, CT couple years ago at the Russian Lady. Totally star-struck. Hope to meet them all again.



Just pre-ordered mine! Can't wait to hear the rest of the album. Not too bummed about the poster. Met them all this Summer with 3 Doors Down. Great guys! Got a photo and signed poster.

Got mine!! Smiling Can't wait for Baptized to be released! Bummed the signed posters are sold out! Its all good though cause we are getting more great music from this awesome guy and band!!

Got it! (:

Daughtry Rules

pre-ordered mine.....

mitzi Smiling D.O.G.G.S. pm #45 proud coast guard mom DAUGHTRY LIFER!
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Ordered by copy yesterday Smiling Too bad RCA ran out of signed posters; bad PR on the part of RCA. Lots of diehard fans, around since the beginning of Chris on A.I., and missing out on the opportunity.

At least I'll be Baptized with lots of new songs soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Music, the best mind-altering substance - gettin' high on D A U G H T R Y forever!!

DAUGHTRY fans are ageless!!! Once a fan, ALWAYS a fan!!!
*Pledge Mamma #35 (Airlie) * One of the DOGGs!!

Yes, I was hoping for a pre-order! Thanks for always lookin out for us and allowin us to be apart of all that you are! I am beamin with joy knowin that it won't be that much longer till you rock my soul with your amazing voice and music!

To bad I missed the opportunity for the poster, but that just proves how amazing & loved you are!

luv ya,


Done-can't wait!!! Smiling

my order is in Smiling I cant wait !!!!!!!

Pre-order in! Can NOT wait!!!! Super excited!!!


Thank you for allowing us fans to participate once again!


It's mine...gahhh

4/21/2012 Syracuse NY
12/1/2012 Binghamton NY
It's Not Over <3

I just did it!! I can't wait for the new CD.


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