Official Daughtry Statement

Official Chris Daughtry Statement

"I want to thank JP for being such an important part of the Daughtry family for the past six years. I will always be grateful to him, will always cherish the time we've spent together personally and creatively, and truly wish him success & happiness in all his endeavors."

Josh Paul Statement:

Hello my Daughtry friends and fam,

I'd like to start this note by saying that you are all amazing! The love and support that you give to the band and to me is overwhelming and beautiful. I couldn't ever ask for better fans and friends.

The time has come for me to bow out and let the band continue on without me. This has been a very difficult decision, as these are not only my band mates, but my brothers.

For six years we have worked to build something special together, not only on stage and in the studio, but in our lives.

I wish the band all the the luck and success that they deserve!

I not only want to thank the guys in the band for all that we've accomplished together, but I really want to thank all of you for your undeniable support. Daughtry truly has the best fans!

I love you all!!!

And always remember to SMILE!!!!

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So sad to hear about this!!! Thank you, JP, for all the great memories!! We love watching you perform - sooo talented & animated! And, we love you as a person! Always willing to make time for the fans! You are so sweet! Always stopping for an autograph & a picture & a little conversation. Hope you will continue with your inspirational tweets so we can still feel connected to you! We wish the very best to you & your family always!! You definitely will be missed! Take care, stay sweet & keep smiling! Smiling Stacy

I am sitting here looking at my Daughtry posters and cannot imagine you not a part of this amazing band. I cannot imagine you not there on the've been there since the beginning. You were the only one who took a picture with me (and all of the fans) after a concert and signed everything I had and you were sooooooo sweet. You rock!!!!! I wish you the best because you deserve the best...I'm still sad though Sad

I got to be at his last concert in Red Bank, NJ. It was sad to see him go, but it was a really nice tribute to him. Concert was awesome!!!

I know everyone will carry on, everyone will be successful but my experience will never be the same. JP, you were an intrical part of the band and will be missed! I admire your strength and ambition to move past something that comes naturally easy and to move on to the unknown. Your talents are endless and smiles well and best of Luck to you on your next venture!

Kim B

JP, sad to hear that you're leaving, loved watching you on stage, but I'm sure noone is sadder than Chris. Good luck in all you do, met you at Mohegan Sun in CT few years ago, have a pic of us, you are such a nice guy. Don't forget all the Daughtry days and fans - you'll be missed. Can't wait to see Daughtry again. it will be different, wishing Daughtry success in your replacement and in future years. Sometimes just when you think you have a plan, life changes.



There are no words except...I love you Josh and always will!!! And if you don't keep in touch I will hunt you down!!!! Eye-wink #FollowYourHeart xoxoxo


You will be missed. Best wishes!

The band will be different without you. you were one of my favorite singers in the band


I am super sad to hear that you are leaving, but do want to wish you well in whatever you are planning. You have truly made part of my Daughtry experiences special. Especially playing TABA at my hometown show in Charleston WV right in front of me. That was a night that will always be special. Good luck JP and know that you will definitely be missed and are definitely loved!! Take care and God Bless. Teri


I am sad that you are leaving but also happy for you to begin a new journey. You will be missed so much and thanks for the memories!

JP, I am so sorry that you are leaving the band, but I wish only the best for you in the future. You are such a kind and talented man!

Will miss you JP! It will be quite different to see Daughtry without you. You are AMAZING & will be missed! But best of luck to you. You will do great in whatever you choose!!

Many can play the part, but none can replace your heart! You will be missed!

Cherry Fralick

JP, I just got back from vacation and was heartbroken to read this. I have to admit I cried and still tear up when I think of you being gone. Thank you for being so sweet, for all the hugs and pictures, autographs. You are such a special person. I loved hanging around you and meeting your son on tour. And I will always remember the time you told me you loved me. You always made me feel special and loved. I wish you the best of everything and much success in all you do. I'll miss you so much. Don't forget about us on Twitter. We still need your smile. Much love to you my friend.

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Shocked and sad to see you move on. But wish you all the best in where your life takes you from here...

I was so shocked to read this, but we each are entitled to our own decisions. I met you VIP in Atlanta in March, and you were so sweet. You can tell by watching you perform that you love what you do, but I, like many diehard Daughtry fans will miss you. I wish you luck in whatever direction you go.

Kimberly Pridgen

So sad.... We will always love you!!!

So sorry to see JP go. Wish him the absolute best. Who's going to replace him??? Andy Waldeck is an awesome bassist and has Chris connections. Would love to see C'Ville boys together!

aww will miss him, good Luck to you

aww will miss him, good Luck to you

We will miss you JP Sad

The 7 concerts I have been to I always seem to get seats on JP's side. He was a JOY to watch, and my husbands favorite as well. You will be truly missed JP. I love your tweets and you often answered me. I'm in tears! Smiling for you though. God bless all your future endeavors Pam from Pittsburgh

Wow, words cannot say how shocked I was to find this out yesterday. Posted on my Facebook feels kind of like when there is a divorce in your family, you wish nothing but the best for both sides, but the change is really hard and sad! My fondest memories of JP were meeting him in Syracuse at daisy dukes, reading his always happy tweets, and riding the elevator with him at the borgata being able to personally tell him how much we enjoyed him and the entire concert.. Then to find out he was staying in the room next door. You will be missed in Daughtryland, but your fans will follow you wherever you go. Where is that by the way? Needed a break? A change? Curious:)

Love you JP.


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GREAT JOB JP your amazing miss you bro

Daughtry Rules

We will miss you J P...good luck in your future endeavors!

It's going to be really hard not seeing JP on stage with everyone else,but whatever he has plans on doing he will be just fine,DAUGHTRY and their fans will always be with him>Good luck JP!!!!!!!!!!!

Daughtry is awesome! Love them! XXOO Wabbitt

This is so hard and comes as a complete shock. I am so sad and have cried off and on ever since I heard about it. I know JP wouldn't want us to cry he'd want us to smile and remember all the great times we've had with him and Daughtry. I wish him the best with everything and will support him and his endeavors as he moves forward. It's really hard to imagine Daughtry w/o JP and I know everyone is saddened by this news. I wish I could've had more interaction with him or one great pic but I know he's touched a lot of lives and is an amazing person and beautiful inside and out and brings smiles on a regular basis. I love you JP. Thx for everything and for making the presence of Daughtry so memorable.

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This is what makes Daughtry different from most bands, they honestly respect and love each other as brothers. No one is push to the back, Daughtry is just Daughtry. Everyone brings something special to the band, delivering Real heartfelt music. I'm shocked but you guys have given so much of yourselves too us as fans so Josh I pray the best for you in everything you look to do!

What a shock! What a loss to the band - as a musician and as a great mate working together!
I wish you well JP, know a lot of love goes with you whatever you do.
I wish the band well without you. They'll always be great with Chris at the front, but still need each individual to make them that way!
We think of the Daughtry band as such a united bunch of guys, that it is a shock when one leaves. I guess we forget they are all in dividuals who may want to go their own way, need a change of direction after a number of years!

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