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Looking forward to the Hersey show!!!


That is so awesome Chris! Congratulations to you and Deanna. I can picture your little boy wearing a batman dress-up costume doing acrobatics at a very young age:)
I can't wait to see that September video and hopefully hear about how you made it:)
Enjoy your time off.You seem so calm and relaxed, different than your pre-show self.

Best Wishes to you and your family,

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Good to see a V-log's been awhile. We are so happy for you both...BTW..."Janine" is a great girls name....(OK....not really)...I know you can find a better one than that...pick one people can spell , believe name has been butchered enough!

We've been watching VH1 every week to see when "September" is going to show up...glad more of the world will be exposed to this awesome song! Enjoy UR break.. J.P..hope the baby's eyes are doing better.....See you guys soon!

P.S. nice effects in the V-log....somebody is getting way too creative! ha ha


Congratulations on the girl & boy news!!! Such an exciting time for you and Deanna and the kids!!!


Thanks so much for the vlog. You crack me up! Sticking out tongue And I'm SOOO happy for you and Deanna. As a mom of 6 year old boy/girl twins, I know what a joy/double blessing you are receiving. What an exciting time for your family. Thanks as always for sharing with us and for keeping us updated!!


Congrat's Chris & Deanna!!!! Can't wait to hear the names you picked out!

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Congrats on the twins! What is the due date?

Congratulations, Daughtry family! So happy for you all! How each of your kids will have a sister and a brother. Smiling Congrats and ENJOY them!! They grow up so fast.....

Awesome News! Congrats, a boy and a girl!!!! Enjoy the last few shows and see ya next time around....after the babies Smiling

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So happy for you and Deanna! 2 boys and 2 girls, what a perfect family! Congrats!


Thanks for the Vlog!!! So excited for you and Deanna about the boy and girl! That's awesome!

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Nice to see you relaxing at home. the home that will be growing 4 feet and boy and girl, so exciting!!! All the best to you and your family as it grows!!

Planning to be at the todays show in NY on Aug 20th!!! Smiling


Glad Things Are Going Good For You On The Music Part Sure Do Miss Ya!!! And So Very Happy On The Baby Boy & Girl Eye-wink You Two Are Going To Enjoy It Having Twins. And It Is Great That You Are At Home With Your Family CHILLING OUT Taking A Break!!! I Will Keep My Eyes Open On Any Other News You Will Be Posting. Smiling You Are A Very Lucky Man Chris To Have A Wonderful Family And Two More On The Way!! Now That Is SWEET.

Lady Harley

Cute...very cute! Lol! I'm glad to see that you're getting some rest and enjoying your time with your family. Congrats on the babies! I'm sure you are all as excited as can be! I am so looking forward to August. Can't wait to see you guys in Atlantic City,NJ and in New York for the Summer Concert Series! Just when my husband thought it was over for a while!!! Lol! I sprung the city on him! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Smiling

Congrats to you and Deanna!! A boy AND a girl...what a blessing! Thank you for sharing your happy news with us! Enjoy your time off and I'll see you in Atlantic City!! Smiling


Congrats to you and Deanna!! double the blessings Thank you for sharing your happy news with us! Enjoy your time off with Deanna and the kids! Sending wishes of only the BEST for you and your growing family. Looking forward to the September video.

Awesome News! Trying to figure out a way to see you in Hershey and/or Today Show performance 'cause it's been a few months!! Enjoy your time home!

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One of each combo of you ... I couldn't be happier for you guys!
You are so blessed!
Hilarious v-blog, Chris!
Thanks and God bless you Daughtry's, always!

DAUGHTRY music (recorded & live) is my happy place! The BEST music & musicians in the industry, and THEE BEST voice on this planet! Nice guys too. Nuff said:)

Wow!! Thanks for the awesome vlog, especially for the update on the babies.....a brand new son AND that!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Cheering YOU on at maximum volume, always - Kim

Okay ~ how stinkin cute was that!! Ahhh I love it! Love the "Special effects" and editing ~ props and big smiles for that! SO happy for you, Deanna, Griffin and Hannah!! Woohooooo!!! SO exciting!! Lovin' the architecture behind ya there, Chris! You look happy and relaxed chilin' in your comfy clothes! Now go get back to baby proofing that house, will ya? Smiling
Love Karyn

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ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was soooooooooooo cute! nice to see ya chillin chris! enjoy it while u can! congrats on the babies! i can't wait to hear the names u have picked out!

Congrats to you both!!! A precious boy and girl !! Such a double blessing! Love,Deanna

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Awww Chris I am so excited for you and Deanna that you're getting a boy and a girl!! That's so sweet and makes me even more excited for you and makes my heart happy. Congrats. That is so amazing!!

Your v-blog just made me smile so much and it was so funny and your'e looking so good these days. Thanks so much for taking time out to give us an update on things and letting a piece of your life into ours. That's so sweet. Aww.

And looking forward to that September video. Know it'll be so amazing. Keep up great work. Love you, love Daughtry!!

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Congrats to you both!!! A precious boy and girl !! Such a double blessing! Love,Deanna

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'All that I'm after is a life full of laughter
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This is SOOOOO awesome!! A boy and a girl!!!! CONGRATS!!!! WOW!! ya all are gonna have your hands full!!!!! I always wanted to have twins until i had my Hannah and she didn't sleep very well at night until she was about 8 months old...up every 2 hours on the button to eat!!!! CRAZY!!! but i always said to myself at 2 and 4 in the morning..."I could not imagine having 2 of this right now"!!!! So......kudos to you and Deanna in your future with the babies!!! This is so exciting for ya all!!! AND.....can't wait to see the September vid!!! That is def one of DAUGHTRY favs!!!! Smiling

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Time for that Rock-a-bye-baby CD!
There can be no better news for you and your family! Being a rock star may be your job, but being a Daddy is your life! God's blessing has been given to you in the most special way of these twins and I am full of happiness for you and Deanna!
We so enjoy the vlog's because they showcase your magnetic personality and when you don't get to go to a live show for awhile; it's fun to see you in your own, peaceful element!
DAUGHTRY is the best band out there!Current and classic at the same did you do that???

Congratulations!!! So happy for you that it will be a boy and a girl. As a mother of girl/boy twins, I can say that every moment has been a true joy and blessing. Well, after the first few months of crying, lol. Enjoy every moment with your family.

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How Exciting!!! ahhhhhh....

Con Lupatsky

I cannot wait to see the September video!!! I'm sure it will be as wonderful as the others. And congrats on the baby boy and girl! Just perfect!!


Congrats on the wonderful news so happy for the both of you! Smiling

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