Listen To "Crawling Back To You" In Its Entirety Now!

You’ve gotten a taste of “Crawling Back To You” and now you can listen to the track in its entirety! Listen below and keep checking back for more music updates.

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This is amazing!!

Love it!! Chris played this song for the first time at the Hartford show back in May and I loved it then! I knew after hearing the live version that the recorded track was going to be great.

OMG! I never expected Chris's voice to get any better cuz I thought he was the BEST but just listen listen listen to how awesome he gets with each new album that is released!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE renegade and crawling back to you!

Love this song and Renegade too. Can't wait for the new album release! You're truly a talented group of guys and Chris, your voice is just amazing. Keep the music coming!


Amazing can November 21st HURRY the heck up ALREADY LOL

JB Fan Always. Tired of the Drama!!!!!!

ya'll look and sound amazing

mitzi Smiling D.O.G.G.S. pm #45 proud coast guard mom DAUGHTRY LIFER!
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love it !!!!! Nice to see Robin in picture Smiling

Without music life would be a mistake


YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a pic w/ ROBIN in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this song......thanks guys

mitzi Smiling D.O.G.G.S. pm #45 proud coast guard mom DAUGHTRY LIFER!
07 - The Meridian, HOUSTON, Vegas 08 - Foxwoods - VIP
09 - Houston - VIP,Atlantic City,Detroit,Corpus,San An,Austin 010-detroit,Vegas,Frisco

Another great song....I LOVE IT! And glad to see Robin in the photo!

I'm in love with the chorus!Ya just keep on hookin us!Make you start to swayin back n forth and at that point you are won over!!

Smiling Smiling

Love it!!! And FINALLY! Robin gets his photo debut!!! Smiling CONGRATS on another soon-to-be chart topper! Smiling

~~ Karyn ~~

"Livin' ~ Lovin' ~ Dancin' ~ Groovin" -JP

love this

Another sure hit!!!! You guys keep us fans amazed with every new album!!! Love it!!!! Glad to see Robin in the mix!!!
Deanna xoxo

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'All that I'm after is a life full of laughter
As long as I'm laughing with you"

Love this song!!!!! Great happy to see Robin in the photo!

It is amazing heavier than i thought it would be another Kick Ass song what else can i say!! You guys blow my mind every time!

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Another amazing track! Gives me chills!!!

~Debbie~ Eye-wink
~*~Pledge Mamma # 46 ~*~

~~Can never get enough of Daughtry~~


Daughtry Rules

just heard it here in Boston!!! Dj s major gushing;-)

You guys never disappoint!!!! Love "Crawling Back To You!" Thanks for sharing Smiling I LOVE IT!!!

Proud to be a DAUGHTRY fan Smiling


Harder edge pop-thank God hasn t even been one decent song all summer-DAUGHTRY to my ears' rescue!

I loved it live acoustic.... They never disappoint! This album will be Epic!

Kim B

LOVE IT!!! CBTY is a beautiful song. Sounds incredible. This album is going to be so kick butt! GREAT JOB GUYS!! I can't wait for the album and tour!!! Exciting times! Smiling Love the new band pic as well. Smiling


When is this available a t iTUNES?

Just BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Cheering YOU on at maximum volume, always - Kim

Love it!!!! Perfection as always:)

28 shows and counting!!!!!!

You guys really have something special as a band and are such great guys. Smiling I mean that. There is just something about your music and who you guys are as artists that resonates with me in a way no other music ever has. And I am a big music fan. Smiling
Proud of you guys!


It's funny how a song can actually relate to a particular moment in your life. This song certainly did that. I swallowed my pride & got back together w/ my daughters dad recently. I guess I thought when I left him in '06 & divorced him in '08 that I was better off w/out him. Well, stupid me! lol So, Crawling back to you" is exactly what I did & I was shocked to find out that he still loves me & is giving me a second chance. This song is beyond great! Thanks Daughtry!! Smiling

Absolutely LOVE it! I'm so excited with the harder edge to the songs so far! This is where DAUGHTRY belongs and shortly you'll be in another place you belong ON TOP OF THE CHARTS! On another note, I'm so happy to see a picture with Robin all we need is a little bio and his picture on the top of the home page with the rest of the band and we are set! So excited for you guys. I'm ready to strap my seat belt and come along for the ride, it's going to be AWESOME! Smiling

So love the song!!! I can't wait for your new album this Nov. And I HOOOOPPPPEEEE that you will have a tour that will includes MANILA, PHILIPPINES! Love you guys!

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