Listen To "Crawling Back To You" In Its Entirety Now!

You’ve gotten a taste of “Crawling Back To You” and now you can listen to the track in its entirety! Listen below and keep checking back for more music updates.

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Love this song too! This new CD is gonna be SOOO GOOOD!!!!

Rocked with Daughtry..
3/15/07 Pittsburgh Diesel
8/19/08 Meadville PA VIP Happy Birthday to me!
8/07/09 Columbus, OH LC Pavillion AWESOME!
4/1/10 Cleveland, OH Wolstein Center
8/20/10 Today Show, NYC
3/15/2012 Cleveland, OH
7/7/2012 PNC Park

LOVE this song too! Both this one and Renegade are definite No. 1's for sure!! Love the photo, and very happy to see Robin in it!! I almost feel more excited for this CD than I did for No. 1!!

Love it! So stoked to hear the rest of the CD! Hoping we get to hear the new stuff in Fairfax Smiling ...and the old stuff!

Rocked with Daughtry:
4/12/2007 - Amos Southend Brewery, Charlotte
12/22/2007 - Greensboro, NC
11/19/2009 - Fairfax, VA
6/11/2010 - Charlotte, NC
12/27/2011 - Charlotte, NC
4/7/2012 - Greensboro, NC
11/7/2014 - Greensboro, NC

Worth the wait. Now I really can't wait for the album! Chris, your voice is so perfectly doubt when you sing..your voice is recognizable and very appealing. I've said it before...and I'll say it could sing the names in the phone book and it would be great. Put that together with the best bunch of guys that make up Daughtry & we have another "champ" album!


This song evokes SO MUCH EMOTION in me! I absolutely LOVE it! I was lucky and got to hear it live
here in CT the first night they performed it, then the following night in NJ. It was "LOVE at first hear" ...
and I have been really excited to hear this studio version. It's incredible too! A song that makes you cry is a
WELL-WRITTEN song! I can't say enough about this song or Renegade ... love em BOTH and cannot wait to hear the rest!
Great job, DAUGHTRY! xoxo

DAUGHTRY music (recorded & live) is my happy place! The BEST music & musicians in the industry, and THEE BEST voice on this planet! Nice guys too. Nuff said:)

Beautiful song, Beautiful vocals! I'm so psyched for this album!!! Smiling)))))))


Love It!! Another great song!! Can't wait to hear the rest

Rocked with Daughtry:
Springfield 08/12/07
Chicago 02/26/08
Las Vegas 04/12/08
Las Vegas Revolution Lounge 04/13/08
ATL 04/30/08
ATL 05/01/08
Indianapolis 08/08
Peoria 10/25/09

What can I say?! You've done it AGAIN!! Another incredible song that makes me feel like this will be the BEST album yet!! Hurry up and get here Nov 21st!!! Laughing out loud


Thanks for the ear candy again!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Can't wait for this album!

Rachel Staats aka @staatsie12 on twitter

LOVE IT! So excited for the new album. I am having serious Daughtry withdrawals... It's been too long. Can't wait for the next tour. Please be sure to visit RI, MA, CT again, where some of your biggest fans are Eye-wink


15 shows( and counting....) since 3/18/07-- and lovin' Daughtry more and more each time!

Can't get enough of these guys Eye-wink

~ Liz D. ~

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Absolutely BEAUTIFUL song! So looking forward to hearing the entire new album. I know it's going to be huge!

I can deal with reality, just don't make me live there..........

Crawling back to you is a beautiful song. I feel a HIT here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys have outdone yourselves on both Renegade and Crawling Back To You! This is my favorite of the two. Chris, your voice is simply amazing, beyond words really! All the guys are so special human beings and so glad Robin is part of Daughtry and that I got to meet him in Minn. Can't wait for this album, it will be just what I need while recovering from major back surgery! I need to recover quickly so I can be ready for the next tour and this new cd will be just the ticket! Keep bringing us your amazing music, you'll be my favorite band forever!


Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.

Madison WI 10/09 First concert and first VIP
Milwaukee WI 04/07/10, Minnesota 05/10, Hoffman Estates 2010

Hard to decide which song I like the best, "Crawling Back To You" or "Renegade".

Each song has it's own unique "story" - both AMAZING songs!!


Good "chills" throughout "Crawling Back To You"!!


Thank you for the vocals, lyrics, instrument arrangements - a total work of art!!


Music, the best mind-altering substance - gettin' high on D A U G H T R Y forever!!

DAUGHTRY fans are ageless!!! Once a fan, ALWAYS a fan!!!
*Pledge Mamma #35 (Airlie) * One of the DOGGs!!

heart wrenching....with tons of were emoting - LOL Smiling Eye-wink Great song.

I Love This Song It Touches My Heart... And Your New Single "Renegade". Plays In My Head All The Time Smiling I Can't Wait For The New Album You Have Done It Again Guys Won My Heart....

Lady Harley

love it daughtry cant waite for the album love ur music \m/ LuGz

Its just AWESOME! I love it and I can't wait to learn it and sing along with you.. Hopefully in VA at the Freedom Festival! Great job guys!!!

I heard this on the radio in the car last night!!! I was so excited!!! I love new Daughtry music and I really love being surprised with it on the radio!


Its uplifting and grabs at the soul at the same time, very Daughtry! love it!!!! Great photograph of the guys, they all look awesome! Nice to see Robin there:)

"We may lose and we may win but like the sun we will rise again" Rescue Me

Im in love all over again..........................

Love the new song.....keep it up guys, can't wait to hear more!

They never seem to let us down! ANOTHER GREAT song guys!! XOXO

You guys NAILED it!! This is turning out to be the most Awesome album! of course..Smiling

SHEER ROCKIN GENIUS!!! Smiling <3 <3 <3 much love!!! this is now alternating with Renegade on a constant loop!!! Smiling love how all your efforts into this album are showing through the beauty of each track!! Smiling WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is such a beautiful song!! I can't seem to get enough of it. I had heard parts of it, from your performances at recent shows, but because it may have only been a small piece of the work and didn't have the greatest sound quality it was difficult to judge....well there's no longer a question of what an amazing this piece of work is!! It really does blow me away. It gives me chills, brings tears to my eyes, and brings me satisfaction!! Smiling
It's so well written, the lyrics are strong and profound. Again....ones that so many can relate to. It's a beautiful song Chris, you & Marti have a winner here!! I'm So anxious for this new! Two more months, I'm outta my head can't wait any longer!!
So proud of you guys, so happy to be your fan!!
aka: @BexyNurse

(I wrote this last night, but guess I never added it...oh well) Eye-wink

&hearts;~Love the Music, Love the Men !~ &hearts;

Wow! I'm speechless. Just love your rockin' sound!

like the sun we will rise again

...can't wait to get this album. These songs are so soulful, powerful, real, and just AMAAZING.. Great work guys!!!

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Daughtry just makes me happy....These news songs are amazing!

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Goosebumps!!! Another amazing song by Daughtry. I absloutely LOVE it!! Chris's voice is filled with such raw emotion I cannot get far one of the best bands out there. Cant wait for the new album!!!

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