Listen To "Crawling Back To You" In Its Entirety Now!

You’ve gotten a taste of “Crawling Back To You” and now you can listen to the track in its entirety! Listen below and keep checking back for more music updates.

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I absolutely LOVE this song! I have no idea how I am going to make it until the release in November! I preordered and I am waiting!! <3 LOVE the new stuff boys!!


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Just when I thought the last CD was better than the 1st i think the 3rd will be even better !! =D LOVED the song Chris really stretched his vocals love the words EVERYTHING!!! Can't wait to buy the CD!!!

I Totally Love It........... Chris Your Voice In This Song Is So Totally Touching My Soul Thank-You

Lady Harley

Love the new single !!!


OMG!!!Gives me chills just listening!!!! Great work guys, keep it up!!!

Awesome song. Can't wait to get knew CD. Best Band out there.


This song is excellent, I saw them open up for Bon Jovi a few years ago in Pittsburgh, PA. Now I live in Albuquerque, NM and it would be awesome if they came here to do a show. Can't wait for new release of CD they are great!!!!!

Y'all just get better and better. So awesome!

Great song! Chris you voice is in top form! Love the new songs, I really love Renegade, and it sounded great in Kansas, I can't wait for the video for Renegade! Cheers!

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Chills about sums it up!!! WOW!!! You guys just keep getting better and better!!! There's nothing better than seeing you all perform ~ can't wait to see you again!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Congratulations on your new album!!! Hurry up November!!!

AWESOME!!!! Nothing else to say!

I love their music! Excited about new album!!!!!! Keep Rocking!


I thoght CBTY would be on iTUNES as of Tues, yesterday? When can we give you some $$;-))??

WOW! Amazing as always! But this song is incredible, I totally love how it builds up in the beginning - it really takes me in!!!!! Chris you are so Blessed with such a God given gift of natural vocals, please do not ever stop sharing them with us!!!!! I truly love your voice, it is sexy, soulful, smooth, raspy at times and it just penetrates into your heart and soul! So I cannot wait for your new album!!!! SO EXCITED! You are amazing and you ROCK!

AMAZING!! Keep doing what you do fellas, you are hitting homeruns every time.

Yesterday, I was driving in my car and listening to Sirius channel 10 "The Pulse" and I heard this song. I said to myself, "Self, this is so awesome that the stations have picked right up on what bill be a HUGE tune!" They also had an interview with Chris, but I missed that 'cuz work got in the way!!! Sounds pretty amazing!

you did it again guys... a love the 2 new songs..

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I LOVE IT!!! <3

I cant stop playing this song over and over and over and over again!!!! I LOVE it!!!!!!

your amazing!!!!!!! love the new song can't wait for the new album....

this is great

Loved this new song. A true 'Daughtry' sound but fresh and different too.

Love the slow intro and the story during the song, all tying it together. Chris's voice just so good!!!

I can't wait to hear it on the radio, need new songs like this. Another great success for the guys for sure.

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I have been listening the three new songs (Drown In You, Renegade, Crawling Back to You) in my car through my iPod. I like all three of course but really dig Renegade! I love the rock up tempo style and Chris' vocals are solid! Looking forward to the rest of the album. I hope they have numerous bonus tracks as they did with Leave This Town! Daughtry Rocks!!!

Need to start coming here more often to listen to this. It's so beautiful and amazing but still has something unique and with an edge to it which I absolutely love. Daughtry's 3rd album is going to be so special and I cannot wait to hear all the other songs. Have alreayd listened to Renegade over a hundred times so this one needs to start playing for me. Eye-wink Chris has such an awesome voice and him and JP, Steely, Brian, and Robin sound perfect together. Love the direction they are headed.

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when will these singles be in the itunes store?


when will the new songs be in itunes


It just keeps getting better guys!! Love the new single and can't wait for the rest!

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