Listen To "Crawling Back To You" In Its Entirety Now!

You’ve gotten a taste of “Crawling Back To You” and now you can listen to the track in its entirety! Listen below and keep checking back for more music updates.

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This is amazing!!

OMG! I never expected Chris's voice to get any better cuz I thought he was the BEST but just listen listen listen to how awesome he gets with each new album that is released!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE renegade and crawling back to you!

Love this song and Renegade too. Can't wait for the new album release! You're truly a talented group of guys and Chris, your voice is just amazing. Keep the music coming!

Love it!! Chris played this song for the first time at the Hartford show back in May and I loved it then! I knew after hearing the live version that the recorded track was going to be great.


Amazing can November 21st HURRY the heck up ALREADY LOL

JB Fan Always. Tired of the Drama!!!!!!

ya'll look and sound amazing

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love it !!!!! Nice to see Robin in picture Smiling

Without music life would be a mistake


LOVE THE NEW SINGLES! Can't wait for this album to come out! THANK YOU DAUGHTRY for rockin' my birthday in Hutchinson! 5 times seeing you now, can't wait for the next time : )

Goosebumps as soon as I hit play

I'm really liking the 2 new songs crawling back to you and renegade i'm so excited a bout the new cd really would like to go see him in concert again.

WOW! Chills doesn't even begin to describe what I felt hearing this new release! Love this song! Couldn't have said it any better!

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear the rest..

I like it!! the lyric is amazing!!!!

haha, I did not know that you guys were working on a new album Eye-wink
but I am from austria, so...

WOW Daughtry keep posting new songs off your next album or at least like snippets of them they are awesome guys

Daughtry Rules

Bugging my local MIX to play it MORE. as if.....

CBTY literally makes me wanna CRY!!! But totally in a GOOD way cuz this song makes me FEEEEL!!!!!! And THAT is VERY powerful!! I just LOVE it! And I am not surprised AT ALL!!! #Daughtry is THE best band EVER!!! I love you guys more and more with every second, every new song, even while waiting for the new songs! They were WELL worth the wait!!! You guys NAILED it AGAIN with this one!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bugging my local MIX to play it MORE. as if.....

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty sweeeeeeet!


Love the new single!!!

Can we not push the CD out for a sooner date? I don't know that I can wait until November. I've been listening to the Renegade track constantly for a few days now. NOW -- having just listened to "Crawling Back To You" . . nope - can't wait for the CD release. An earlier release date AND a show in North Carolina would be wonderful (hint hint hint). ; - ) You guys are incredible musicians . . . keep cranking out the incredible music.

I absolutely LOVE this song! I have no idea how I am going to make it until the release in November! I preordered and I am waiting!! <3 LOVE the new stuff boys!!


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Just when I thought the last CD was better than the 1st i think the 3rd will be even better !! =D LOVED the song Chris really stretched his vocals love the words EVERYTHING!!! Can't wait to buy the CD!!!

I Totally Love It........... Chris Your Voice In This Song Is So Totally Touching My Soul Thank-You

Lady Harley

Love the new single !!!


OMG!!!Gives me chills just listening!!!! Great work guys, keep it up!!!

Awesome song. Can't wait to get knew CD. Best Band out there.


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