Listen To Chris Daughtry & Santana Performing Def Leppard's "Photograph"

That's right, Chris has joined a stellar cast of vocalists on Santana's new album, 'Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time,' and <a href="" target="_blank">you can now listen to their stunning collaboration on Def Leppard's "Photograph"</a>! Check it out and let us know what you think. The album itself will be in stores on September 21st.

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Amazing Job Smiling


Loving the song...and it takes me back to high school MEMORIES...LOL I've actually listened to the entire CD and can't wait to buy it today! Great collaborations with some of the BEST artists...Love Santana

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Plan to keep on rockin with you boys!

Absolutely LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!As I keep saying, Chris can sing anything. MAYBE he'll upload himself singing a nursery lullaby sometime in the future! Love ya & thanks for keeping us all informed of the good things in your life.

You know what? I have made a conclusion...Chris Daughtry is good at any song he sings. I didn't watch his season, but I'm verrry surprised that he didn't win Idol. I know that is probably a dinosaur aged thing to say but still! I mean he can pretty much take any song and make it his own and fit it to his voice! But anyway it's really awesome!! Laughing out loud (before I heard him sing it, I never even liked that song!)

Love it......... Your voice is amazing....... Great job once again!!!!!

I absolutely love this version of the song I really hope i gets released!!!!

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This is backwards!! This is Chris Daughtry featuring SANTANA, not the other way around!!!


That was really exciting...LOVED IT! Chris sounds fantastic as usual! Its usually pretty hard for me to like a remake when I like the original so much but this was truly awesome. Thanks for sharing!

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AWESOME...can't stop listening to it!

Def Lep was my Fav back in the 80's so this is a reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice treat!!!!!

Chris, YOU ROCK!!!! Laughing out loud

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Chris! Your voice..AMAZING on this song! Love the song and your voice! PERFECT!!!!!

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This was awesome! I am already a Def Leppard fan so this was like the icing on the cake. Daughtry you rock and you sound so good. Keep doing what your doing...I want to see you in concert again!

HOLY s*** This is Awesome GO CHRIS. Love Def Lepord and you singing this song ITS AMAZING. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Your Singing just keeps getting BETTER AND BETTER with each and Every Song You Sing LOVE YOU GUYS. LOVE YOU CHRIS KEEP ROCKING IT. YOUR RIGHT WHERE YOUR SUPPOSED TO BE. Smiling :) Smiling :) Smiling

Love Jan
Rochester N.Y

Absolutely love this version of the song. Your voice is so amazing it gives me chills! Your Star status just keeps growing yet you stay so humble and true to yourself. We Daughtry fans will always love you. : )

Daughtry never disappoint me!!!

Love it!

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AMAZING! I absolutely love it. I can't wait until I can buy this song.

Love to listen to that voice - Photograph is another great song by Chris Smiling


That is so frickin awesome - can't wait to get it on my ipod!

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This is amazing. Hope you put it on your next cd. Everything the band does is awesome.


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"DEF" initely AMAZING Chris!!!

Cheering YOU on at maximum volume, always - Kim

AMAZING!! Expected nothing less!

OMG!!!! That's sounds amazing...your voice sounds awesome singing this!

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O-Mazing! You know how I love that voice! Smiling

OMG! You sound fantastic!!! But did we expect anything but amazing??? Loved it!

Absolutely AMAZING!! One of my favorite songs by Def Leppard and Chris...YOU NAILED IT!!!!


Awesome job Chris! Your voice sounds amazing as usual!! Thanks for the special treat!! Smiling


Amazing collaboration. I love Santana AND Daughtry. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Great song!! I can't wait for the album to be released. I will have to have it. Awesome job, Chris!!!



Photograph is one of my all time faves!! You and Santana did a spectacular job!! Your vocals were remarkable, as always Smiling

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