Leave This Town B-Sides Now Available For Sale From Daughtry Official!

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Thanks Deb. I contacted Sony and they sent a link with new downloads that worked. They got back to me right away on the week-end too.


Not woking for me either. Waste of $6 I don't have. Sad More than that--disapponted because I was looking forward to hearng these songs.


Hi Ed - Hair's the thing, I mean here's the thing.......back in July when the bonus tracks were first released, Chris kindly put the lyrics to 4 of the 6 tunes on the site. I'm looking for the lyrics to other 2 ( On The Inside and What Have We Become). Did I miss them somewhere?? Can you help me?? Thanks! I'm so excited about the EP!!!!

Cheering YOU on at maximum volume, always - Kim

I just bought Leave This Town B Sides from Itunes in Canada... thanks for making this possible!!


Will you be putting the B-Sides on iTunes?
Can't wait to see you guys again when you come to Detroit!!!

Am having same problem with the download. Core files are missing. Does anyone know what I need to do?

HELP?????????? bought and have been trying to downmload the songs but says....couldnt download the required core files (133) ... no idea what this means , have been waiting for these songs to go public....................... please someone help Smiling

ED are we going to be able to buy the B side CD I am from Canada


I am not sure if chris and the band will see this but I just wanted to say thank you for your music!!!
I love it. I have enjoyed your music since you began.

Kim C. Florida, Massachusetts

They'll be back...

Where did all the other things in the store go? Like t-shirts and stuff? Sad

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