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After three successful years on the road and in the studio, Daughtry and drummer Joey Barnes have parted ways. The band and its management will miss Joey’s passion and talent and wish him well in all his endeavors.

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oh im so sad!!!!! Sad but i know he will go far! i m sure he will keep himself busy with drumming projects. oh im so sad!

In Christ,

NOOOOO!! good luck at whatever u will be doing
Wish to hear from you soon!!


it won't be the same without you!!!!!!!!!!!! all this made happen cuz of all of you. Daughtry band won't be the same without you, so u must stay!!! pls??!!!!! u've been great and amazing drummer. best one ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so big shout out to u, Joey Barnes. whatever u do or decide, goodluck and we still love and support u. u'll be terribly missed. Sad


JOEY NNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your the greatest drummer out there, you'll never be replaced. the concert just wasn't the same without you!!!!! LOVE YOU JOEY BARNES!!!!!!!!!

The next mrs. Daughtry;)

OMG NO!!! Joey cant go he was no is an amazing dummer! Daughtry isnt Daughtry without him. The name of the band is Daughtry not Daughtry and 4/5. Its gonna b hard to replace him.

~AnthoneikaSada Luvs Daughtry~



HCC : )


That sucks he was real good too.

Kait2010 Sticking out tongue

joey, you were awesome, and i know that it will be hard to replace you. you and your mad skills will be missed. i wish you well and will support any path you travel. rock on Mr. Barnes.

-daughtry forever.
daughtry united
daughtry for life.

i love you DAUGHTRY!!!!!!!

Whatever th reason for Joey leaving, not only will it be hard fo r him out there on his own until he gets on his feet so to speak, but also hard for the other guys, having a split in their Daughtry family. I'd think that Chris will be very upset about it happening.

They've all come a very long way together as far as success goes, produced some amazing music together and travelled round the world spreading the Daughtry love and music.
That time together, the friendships and laughs and hard work and achieving so much as a band will always be somthing none of them will forget.

Daughtry continues and long may they be one of the top rock bands around, with the loyalest and most caring fans.

**~**One of the DOGGS**~**

Wow, thats a disappointment to see Joey go.He was a phenomenal drummer and a huge part of the band.Wish Joey the best and hope things work out well with the new drummer.What a shocker but thats part of the business unfortunately.Maybe he will reunite one day with the band. Cant wait to see Daughtry june 20th and Aug 7th. Daughtry is Awesome regardless.



I'm very sad to hear about Joey leaving the band but i do wish him all the luck in the world. It was great while it lasted. Can't wait to see the new guy at the shows in LA and SD!!!

Elsa B. Los Angeles

What happened with Joey is his and the band's business and no one else's. People who are posting rude rumors obviously have too much time on their hands. Daughtry's true fans will stand behind the band and Joey and support them no matter what. I wish the band, their new drummer and Joey the best of luck and give them all my full support. I am so excited to see Daughtry on April 23rd and know they will be fantastic with their new drummer.

Good luck to Joey!
Good luck to the new drummer - will not be easy for him!
And most of all - Good Luck to Daughtry thoughout any changes that may happen!

I just wish there would be an 'Official' Statement' to end any speculations about reasons.

Joey has a lot of talent and I know he has no end of love and support as he continues in the next stage of his musical career.

Chris and the res t of the Daughtry guys - you know that we love you all just as much as ever and I hope nothing ever changes that for anyone.

**~**One of the DOGGS**~**

I am sooooo sad to see Joey go. I always couldn't wait to see what he would be wearing at the shows and what crazy antics he would pull for the VIP pics. I will miss your passion for drumming, your fondness for red wine and your incredible talent. I know this is a new beginning for you, but will miss you so when I go to my next show in June. And...most importantly...who will ask my daughter if they can wear her skirt on stage that night?????? Good luck to you Mr. Barnes. Peace.....


I am sorry to hear of the departure, & wish for the best in this decision. I am so dissapointed that I am finally after 3 years of being a Daughtry fanatic am going to meet the guys in 2 weeks & Joey is not around anymore. I still LOVE Daughtry, but everyone in the band is important. I am very curious to see who the new member of Daughtry is. Cant wait to see you in Sacramento next week. I have been waiting for this day for a very long time.


I'm very sorry to hear of Joey's departure, I wish him all the best in the future. I know Chris and the rest of the band have to be very saddened by his leaving and will really miss him, but know that he and Daughtry has a bright future. Will see you guys when you come back "home" to C'ville. Diane

Joey will be missed allot but like all good things...sometimes they do come to an end! BUT like Chris said...this is a band..not a one man show!! I don't have facebook or twitter so i don't know what comments are being first i posted a comment saying that it was crazy that joey would leave the band hang like this in the middle of a tour but when it's your''s your time!!! It is sad but once a fan.... ALWAYS a fan......NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!! GOOD LUCK JOEY!!!! Your crazyness will be missed but like you said...onward and upward!!!!!! Smiling

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For those who weren't around back when the Beatles broke up, and I guess that's most of the readers here, it was a very sad and disappointing time for their fans, and even more, none of us could understand why. They had been so successful and produced such wonderful music and memories for us all. But over time, everyone adjusted to the idea, especially when the end result was four times the wonderful music to enjoy as each of the Beatles moved forward on their own, or in newly-formed groups, and began to write and record great songs again. Take heart, fans, the same will happen here I suspect.

Joey will be missed and I wish him nothing but the best. Daughtry will go on and will ROCK for many years to come!! Chris, Josh, Brian and JP hang in there, the right fit will come along again. Can't wait to see you again!


WOW! I love Daughtry no matter what! Joey will be missed, though!

April L. Craig

I know People will Miss Joey, but Hey Everybody they are a Band and it wasn't just him and Chris has always made sure the Fans knew that!!! I know Chris is the Lead Singer & the Band is Named DAUGHTRY, but if you ever read what he writes or listen to him on anything he has talked it is everybody NOT JUST HIM neither so give them a BREAK!!!!! If YOUR A FAN YOU ARE THEIR FAN; IF NOT THEN YOU SHOULD STOP WRITING ALL THE STUFF ABOUT JOEY AND GO FOLLOW JOEY..... This Whole Thing has to be getting on their Nerves. Members of a Band comes and goes and I LOVE DAUGHTRY MUSIC and I have meant the Guys and they are Very Sweet , and I plan on meeting them again when they come back to my area. And GIVE THE NEW ONE A CHANCE IT CAN"T BE EASY FOR HIM NEITHER!!!!!!

Lady Harley

Lady Harley

I was so bummed when I heard that Joey was leaving. I'm really going to miss him Sad I'm so glad I got to see him and the guys twice and will never forget either time. I love you so much Joey and will miss you like crazy but I wish you only the best and I know you'll kick butt in whatever you decide to do. Smiling

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I just feel the trash talking needs to stop and we should support both Joey and daughtry the ones ripping apart both Joey and daughtry need to stop and just wish them both the best of luck in what they do. I will support both and I am looking forward to seeing daughtry in June and I am looking forward to hear what Joey will produce music wise.

my love for daughtry is no surprise

Best of luck to Joey, my mouth dropped when I read the news. Welcome to the new drummer, look forward to seeing in the shows. My support and love goes to Daughtry and Joey in this time of transition!

Some people call me a Daughtry dork, but I'm gosh darn proud to be a Daughtry dork!

nothing but best wishes Mr. B Smiling

"all you need is love"

I too was truely saddened by the news. Still in shock I think. Although I always knew Joey wanted to be on his own, I guess I just didn't expect this day to come. It won't be the same without Joey's colorful flare he adds to the show. As with all good things, there just might come another. Good Bye and Good Luck Mr. Barnes and we welcome the new addition. Daughtry and Joey will live on, happily, seperately. Smiling

Kim B

Thanks for making sure this doesn't turn into something that's not "amicable". We can always count on you to try to keep this board positive! We need to support Joey's and Daughtry's decision and wish them both the best during this transition!

Wishing the best for Joey and sending many blessings for great success and happiness.

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Somehow I felt this coming but it still made my heart sink. I realy hate it had to be before the Charlotte show but now I'll get to see the new drummer. Best wishes to Joey andI l look forward to seeing what he does. Daughtry -You will rock no matter who pounds those drums but I must say they will have a big shoes to fill.


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