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To All Official Daughtry Fan Club Members: All pre-sale tickets for the shows currently on sale for the Summer tour are SOLD OUT and the VIP Experience Packages are going very, very, very fast.

Don't miss out! Get your VIP Packages while they last on the Official Daughtry Fan Club Site.

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Summer ticket deals are sold out? At the point when did the presale words get conveyed, by means of email, to all the Daughtry parts? Since the time that "new" outline, no more discussions, and so forth for the site occurred, everything has deteriorated. Exceptionally pitiful and baffled.

I recieved my VIP Tickets for SLC and I am livid!!! 676.00 for 4 tickets in a section that's not close to the stage, No M&G, I should have waited to just buy gen tickets, they are selling in a section right next to the stage for 60 a seat, I feel like I will have stupid stamped across my forehead through this whole show. Not what I expected from Daughtry

Kari Doherty

Has anyone actually received tickets that were ordered during the "Presale"? I'm getting nervous this site has scammed me out of my money.

It just cant get here fast enough! Excited in Salt Lake City!


I am planning on purchasing a gold package for Noblesville it says nothing about a seat will I have to purchase a seat first


I have been Chris DAUGHTRY. For a little more then half of my life. My grandma has taken me to see him every time he is close to where we live 7/12/2014 I finally got to meet You CHRIS DAUGHTRY. OMG I WAS SO HAPPY I ALMOST. CRIED I THOUGHT I WAS GOING. TO

Can I please cancel my two Sliver VIP packages for a platinum one thats still available?

Ok I may have missed this but how do you know where your seats are for the Gold package?

Thank you, Daughtry Official for refunding my money! I bought row 12 seats instead, squeeee! So looking forward to this concert at Red Rocks! Yeah, baby!

Please, I need to cancel my order for the Silver package! I did not realize that it does not include a meet and greet with the band!

I'm so confused; how come I didn't get an email that Daughtry was touring in my home town, Denver, this summer? I only got word from one of the ticket sellers in town. Anyway, the Silver package- does that mean you get a M&G with the band, just not a photo?

Does any one know if the silver VIP package includes a ticket in section 115 or 113? I don't like the idea of paying for a GM ticket. Thanks for the help!

Casey l LaBarre

dcronk, yes the Silver package includes a ticket to the show- just not the M & G. All tickets will be mailed out in early April so we will know where our seats are then.

stupid set up for Boston. SOLD out, prices are ridiculuos !!! verry disappointing , HUGE let down. expected easier way to see 2 great bands. Whomever thought this up should be fired.

$500?!?!?! for VIP??????
I'd have to win the lottery to afford that! I remember seeing them for around $25 at the Vic Theatre in Chicago. One of the best concerts EVER!!!! Gone are the good old days. I really enjoyed the meet and greet with the band and Mr. Daughtry and 3 Doors Down, but this has gotten way too expensive for this middle income gal! Still love the band and the music, but my concert dollars will go elsewhere this year unless he comes to central Illinois. By the time I drive up there, reserve a hotel room, eat and then pay a lot to see them and do the VIP, that would be nearly $1000. Even the lower priced VIP is too much.


If you get the silver vip package, does that include a ticket to the show? How do you know where the seats are?

Sorry some of you are confused. No one needs a password to buy tickets on the VIP site. The $500 is for a premium package. The regular VIP M & G pkg is $269. If your shows aren't shown yet on the VIP site, it's because DO hasn't received the ticket information. Keep checking on the site.

Would like to know when Noblesville date is. Not listed in events

Summer ticket sales are sold out? When did the pre-sale words get sent out, via email, to all the members? Ever since "new" design, no more forums, etc. for the website took place, everything has gotten worse. Very, very sad and disappointed

Music, the best mind-altering substance - gettin' high on D A U G H T R Y forever!!

DAUGHTRY fans are ageless!!! Once a fan, ALWAYS a fan!!!
*Pledge Mamma #35 (Airlie) * One of the DOGGs!!

the prices the web site !!! NOT good!!!! diamond,silver !!! what!!!!

Daughtry is awesome! Love them! XXOO Wabbitt

can't wait!!!!! so excited!


Sorry Daughtry your VIP ticket prices are RIDICULOUS!!!! 500 bucks when it used to be 100 to do the VIP, na ill pass not a fan of spending rip off money!

I have been trying all day to get VIP tickets for The Memphis Tennessee Should

I have been Chris DAUGHTRY. For a little more then half of my life. My grandma has taken me to see him every time he is close to where we live 7/12/2014 I finally got to meet You CHRIS DAUGHTRY. OMG I WAS SO HAPPY I ALMOST. CRIED I THOUGHT I WAS GOING. TO

Saratoga, CA was never on the list either Sad

2.4.07 Slim's-SF
8.22.07 CA State Fair
8.16.08 Konocti/Clear Lake, CA
8.17.08 Gibson Ranch, CA
8.20.08 Fillmore - SF
4.24.10 Reno, NV
5.6.10 San Jose
5.7.10 Sacramento
12.16.11 SF
5.31.12 SF
12.13.12 Fresno
8.13.13 SF

Are there VIP tix for Los Angeles? Didn't see it on the list at

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