Daughtry's ‘Baptized’ Is Available Now

It's the time y'all been waiting for! Daughtry's new album featuring “Waiting For Superman”, "Long Live Rock & Roll" & "Battleships" is available now!! Get Baptized on iTunes, Amazon, Walmart & Daughtry's Official Store!

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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the album. Question: I live in the Pittsburgh area and I have only heard "Waiting for Superman" on the radio ONE TIME! They seem to play crappy songs from tasteless artists every hour. How can we get Daughtry more air time? I have heard before that alot of these artists "pay" radio stations to play their music. Could this be the reason?

Baptized is a fantastic follow up album to Break the Spell. Aside from the highlighted tracks,The World We Knew, Broken Arrows, Witness and High Above the Ground are worthy standalone singles. Awesome music and a very cohesive album. It's been awhile since I had listened to an album without skipping tracks. To all Daughtry fans: I've read the reviews from Rolling Stone et al. Buy this album and listen for yourself. Thanks Chris for taking a fresh look at your music!

This is the best Album that you have made...Love it and I just keep playing it over and over. Oh, I'm 70.....

I got Baptized ,, ordered and I love it !!! Totally Awesome as always !!! DAUGHTRY you ROCK !!! I will be listening to this every day, i still listen to all the other cd's of yours .Which they are all awesome .

Summer Breeze

I pre ordered my cd but have not got it yet??? has anyone else not got theres? if you got yours when did you get it??

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