Daughtry on WWE’s ‘Tribute to the Troops’ & Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve

Daughtry has some exciting TV appearances coming up that will put you in the holiday spirit!

Tune in to Daughtry’s performance on WWE’s “Tribute To The Troops” hosted by Access Hollywood’s Michelle Beadle on December 28th at 8pm ET on NBC.

And don’t forget to ring in the new year with Daughtry on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve on ABC.

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I TOTALLY AGREE!! If you don't like Daughtry, stay off this site. To listen to their songs, they are VERY WELL WRITTEN. Awesome voice. Us true Daughtry Fans love you guys, keep on entertaining us!!

Never understand why people have to come on here and trash Daughtry like this..why can't they just stay off of here and leave it alone for his fans

Daughtry Fan Forever!
Rocked with Daughtry-4/29/12-Albany,NY and 6/19/14-St. Augustine, FL

I expected so much more from this guy. Good voice, good potential, but this band is dissapointing and for some reason cheesy. Way too much 4 add 9, and not enough real emotion. Something is missing. I think Chris still has a voice that could put out alot better than what we've heard so far. They need to re-tool, dump their sound producers, and kill the commercialized bull. I want to like Daughtry, but I think his current stuff is over-produced, and canned. There are 100 Indy bands that blow them away. Sorry. I do believe there is talent enough here for a great band, but gotta turn the cheese factory off, and go write your own "real" stuff. Please save yourselves, and get off the "white trash" lip service.

i'll be watching , can't wait

Summer Breeze

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