Daughtry VIP Packages

Want to get backstage at Daughtry's next show? Don't miss your chance to experience Daughtry's tour as a VIP!

Packages are still available HERE.

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Trying to buy VIP for London no luck!!!! HELP!! X

Sandra Silenti

I just received my Platinum VIP tickets to the Tampa, FL concert on 6/20; however, nothing else received about meeting the band or anything. Am I to expect something else in the mail or email? OR does the venue give me something when I arrive with my tickets? The tickets to not specify VIP, just the envelope they arrived in. Any response would be appreciated.

What does this mean? Are VIP's getting a "Backstage Tour" or what? If so, is it for Platinum VIP's only or will Gold VIP's also be included? The VIP website does not say anything about going "Backstage" for either Gold or Platinum... Unless this is in reference to the Meet & Greet and photo w/ the band?

This whole VIP thing is very confusing for this tour. We got a Platinum Package to be onstage for Daughtry's set and were told that we would also get a special pre-party BBQ or drinks w/ the band, but the confirmation e-mail does not say anything about that and neither does the VIP website?!

I really wish that somebody who works for Daughtry VIP would please clarify in a post here more precise details regarding exactly what is going to be included in each of the VIP Packages?

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