Daughtry VIP Package Information

The Daughtry VIP Package will go on sale tomorrow evening at 8pm EST / 5pm PST. We'll be providing you with more information beforehand, so stay tuned to daughtryofficial.com throughout the day.

However, as a thank you to the fans for all the hard work you've been doing to support the band online, Daughtry Rewards will be offering VIP packages TONIGHT at midnight (EST) for 25,000 points. There will be 5 packages available for each date and they will allow you to bring a guest. Limit one per member.

The Daughtry VIP Experience Package includes:

-Limited Edition VIP Laminate and Lanyard
-Sound Check Listening Party
-Meet and Greet with Daughtry and Photo by a Professional Photographer
-Special Edition Daughtry VIP Canvas Bag
-Signed, Glossy 11 x 14 Photo of Daughtry
-Set of Limited Edition Daughtry VIP Guitar Picks
-Opportunity to Shop Our Pre-Show Crowdless Merch Stand


Good luck!!!

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I would love VIP Package with my points, how do we know if there will be VIP for August 18th? PLEASE!!

I would also like to get a VIP Package for the concert on June 22 In Iowa, anyone know how I can please help thanks

My daughter has had a rough year and for her Birthday I got her Daughrty tickets. I really wanted to get her VIP tickets but I haven't found any information for VIP packages for the show on jun 16th in Tuscaloosa Alabama. Any suggestions? Daughtry has been her favorite concert and this would really make her night and it any one deserves it she does. Just keep me posted if its possible. Thanks guys

In order to find the picture from the VIP, you have to go google FLICKR and go directly to thier website. then put in daughtry in the search box (just daughtry), All of the pictures will come up and you scroll trough to find the pics. Its not easy or possible throught there main website. Hope this helps. We got ours.
Lori Casal

Okay; so we are NOT the only people who cannot find our pictures from a Meet & Greet like we were told..."It's EASY! No one has complained yet...yada yada yada". Well, Mr. Mike bodyguard; here is a complaint! I have LOVED this guy/band since Idol and had a GREAT experience with the Meet & Greet; however for the price, it shouldn't be this hard to get our group shot.
Does ANYONE KNOW HOW to view and retrieve the pics? We went to the March 27th show in Atlanta; I have emailed RCA (no response by the way) and searched endlessly on this website with no luck. All this girl wants is her picture...

does anyone know how to view the vip picture from the meet and greet? I went to the show on april 2nd in columbus and i have no idea where to find my picture. help me please

does anyone know how to view the vip picture from the meet and greet? I went to the show on april 2nd in columbus and i have no idea where to find my picture. help me please

fingers crossed

Okay so looking for any help here since I can't get anyone to answer me from Daughtry Official...I redeemed my points for VIP's on 2/22 and received an email saying so but I have not received any other email since then. Is this normal? Because I read you are supposed to get another e-mail within 24 hours with a redemption code and now I am getting nervous that I won't get my VIp's for an April show I'm attending.

Daughtry Fan Forever!
Rocked with Daughtry-4/29/12-Albany,NY and 6/19/14-St. Augustine, FL

I wish I could afford VIP. I am a student. No money. Darn it.

I'm going to try my hardest to obtain a VIP package before his 6/2/12 concert here in my hometown of Portland, Oregon!! Wish I would have known about this site much sooner. Wish me luck to meet my favorite singer EVER!!!

Got signed up for the VIP in Atlanta. I SO can't wait. I hope my shoulder from surgery heals before then!

Got my VIP package for Richmond, VA with my reward points! YES!!
I have been a fan since A.I. and can't wait to meet Daughtry!

woohoo! got my email redemption code last night!! so exciting! going to take my daughter to her first show and VIP! can't wait for April 2nd!! thank you again Daughtry Rewards!! Smiling

jamerz Smiling
3/13/07(Little Brother's); 6/9/07(TN);8/1/07(OhioStateFair);8/17/07(Blink Fest);3/5/08(PittsVIP! THX RCA!!); 3/15/08 (Pittsburgh Again!!); 9/13/08 YorkVIP!!; 8/7/09 CBUS,OH!!;11/13/09(KY);4/9/10 CBUS!; 6/2/10 PITTSBURGH VIP!!3/25/12Cl

I got an email with a redemption code tonight! It said I would receive another email when my date is closer confirming the details! Sooo exciting!

The last email I got said I would get another email with info early this week and its Friday. My show isn't for another month and half but I am still a little nervous. Anyone else gets theirs?

neolissa, I got that email too! Smiling I'm so excited, and I can't wait for the next email haha!

I got another e mail yesterday dated late sunday night stating that we would hear back early next week with the redemption code to use on daughtryvips.com

I haven't gotten an email either. I think maybe we will get one tomorrow. Everyone was prob out due to the weekend. At least I hope so! I got a lot of planning to do!

you got it! ill update as soon as i know something!

If you find anything out let me know, and I'll do the same! I'm sure we will get it figured out! We have to!

its a tad worrisome that we havent gotten e mail redemption information for vip packages

I have not received my email for the vip information through the rewards system yet either. I got the one confirming that I had redeemed my points for the vip package, but not the other one that we were supposed to get with the redemption code.

yaa baby ,bought mine for albany,ny 4/29 cant wait first vip

im getting worried because i haven not received my vip information yet from my reward points, i just got the initial e mail and nothing else......i dont know what to do, ive e mailed and no response

Try clicking the order number on your store purchase confirmation email. That worked for me.


Why doesn't the points work for the merchandise store as well as the music store? I'm just wondering if anyone understands that...

Also when you purchase the stuff from the music store do you get points for the dollars you spend in shipping and all that?

me and my friend bought music to get the points and i cashed them in for two VIP's for Buffalo NY and last night I bought 2 for Syracuse NY...but for the points ones all i got was an email that I cashed in my points for the vip...is that what I print to bring with me? or will I get another email?

I was SO pumped to be going to do the VIP for Pittsburgh...but $200 for one....and i have to purchase 4 VIP's!!! WOW!!! That's kinda crazy...I would of LOVED to have my 2 little one's experience this and they were so excited to be able to do this but unfortunately we will have to just experience the concert!! Hopefully on the second leg of the tour ya'all will be close again and the price will be a little better!! have fun to all the VIPers out there!! GREAT experience!!!!

March 5, 2008 Pittsburgh, PA
August 2, 2008 Clearfield, PA
November 16, 2009 Wilkes-Barre, PA
March 31, 2010 State College, PA
June 2, 2010 Pittsburgh, PA

The price is still reasonable considering what alot of the other bands charge. I have done VIP with Daughtry 6 times when it was $100, I think we all got shall we say "spoiled" with paying that price. The guys are very sweet and I was so looking forward to doing this again but my husband will shoot me if I pay $218. He just doesn't understand. Sad. I am hoping to somehow convince him to say it is okay. Wish me luck on trying to do that. Smiling

Denise Hilbish

United States

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