Daughtry Set to Headline "Tour for the Troops"

Daughtry will be heading out on the "Tour for the Troops" starting today through Dec. 10th to give back and entertain all the brave men and women who serve our country overseas. The tour will hit Air, Naval, and other deployment locations all over the globe including Germany, Turkey, Spain, and Southwest Asia. Want to learn more about this meaningful adventure? Read here.

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Thank you very much for all you are doing... I was lucky enough to be at Ft.Bliss this past weekend ( Friday 16 March 2012) when you played there, My daughter Rosalyn has been a HUGE fan ever since you played here in Akron Ohio, right after American Idol before the HUGE name recognition, I believe you played at a venue called Musica here in Akron..Her husband is serving in the Army and he is stationed at Ft.Bliss.. We have seen you in Toledo Ohio and she was so excited to see you at FT. Bliss... You and your band are doing a Honorable and very special thing for our men and women who are either serving or are family members of the brave men and women who are serving.. God bless you and thank you from the bottom of my heart, it was amazing to see my daughter so happy and singing along to all your songs.. Thanks again!!! Stan

SO very proud to be a DAUGHTRY lifer!!!

<a href="http://s181.photobucket.com/albums/x116/barbarabortle/?action=view&current=ole01.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i181.photobucket.com/albums/x116/barbarabortle/ole01.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

Link to pics taken at AFB in Spain; pics of Daughtry are about 1/2 way through. What a treat for everyone!
Proud to be a DAUGHTRY fan even more with the guys entertaining at military bases overseas!!

Music, the best mind-altering substance - gettin' high on D A U G H T R Y forever!!

DAUGHTRY fans are ageless!!! Once a fan, ALWAYS a fan!!!
*Pledge Mamma #35 (Airlie) * One of the DOGGs!!

Just another reason to love all of you more! Have fun and be safe! See you the 13th in Duluth/Atlanta!


I love all your music! This is why I feel that all of you are down to earth people and now that you are huge stars you are doing things that do matter to others. I think that is wonderful! Thank you for doing this for our troops many people seem to not think about what they put on the line everyday for us. Its great when people like you give back to them. Have a great time!!!

Thanks for doing such a GREAT thing for our troops!

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Your Cd is Awesome But, this Even More! Thank you for supporting our men & women.
Like I have said before... So Proud to be a Daughtry fan. Smiling

i'm sure all the troops will enjoy the concert. btw, salute to all the troops! =)

awesome. i love Daughtry <3

Go guys, you make us so proud by the things you do... makes being a fan a real honour xx


Way to go Daughtry!!!! You rock for supporting our troops!

WOW!!! I live in Jacksonville, NC, home of Camp Lejeune so I am so touched that Daughtry is doing this for our troops. Makes the guys also heroes by doing this!! Thank you!!!!! It will be appreciated so much!!!


If you are a DAUGHTRY fan, you know the guys were made for a tour like this!Always giving back to the fans and now our troops as they have done in the past..American ROCK, white and blue at it's finest for the finest fighting men and women protecting FREEDOM!

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