Daughtry Releases The 'Baptized' Album Artwork

We all woke up to a great surprise! Chris TWEETED the artwork to Daughtry's upcoming album Baptized! Check it out below!

And don't forget, it's the LAST DAY to have your name added to Daughtry’s Baptized CD Booklet. Click here to pre-order your Fan Edition now before time runs out!

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I have not been on my computer for 3 weeks, i hope i have not missed any concerts that are located in the Cincinnati, OH area. If anyone knows, please let me know i would really appreciate it.
thanks so much.

looks good as always

Yeah, like somebody would care more. Thanks,
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Preordered haha

Daughtry Rules

Preorder my copy!

Daughtry Rules

Fantastic and love the exploding roses (?)!! Just would like to know if there is any hidden meaning in the exploding flowers over a city. Sometimes album covers have a message.

Baptized - new direction of music for Daughtry - exploding flowers - the end of the old????

Just wondering. Definitely looking forward to November 19th!!!

Music, the best mind-altering substance - gettin' high on D A U G H T R Y forever!!

DAUGHTRY fans are ageless!!! Once a fan, ALWAYS a fan!!!
*Pledge Mamma #35 (Airlie) * One of the DOGGs!!

Awesome, and love it too! Smiling

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