Daughtry Performs "Waiting For Superman"

Ya'll miss the action? Check out Daughtry's performance of "Waiting For Superman" on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

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Saving the BEST to wrap up the show, DAUGHTRY!!! If Daughtry performed in the beginning I wonder how many people would quit watching right after their performance.........................just saying. Lots of Daughtry fans out in the world and it appeared that when Jay was mentioning the lineup for the evening DAUGHTRY received the LOUDEST applause!!! Smiling

Missed the actual telecast, but so glad the performance can be found on youtube and here on Daughtry official!!! Spot on perfection!!!

The band has become more and more "polished" over the years!! Another GREAT performance Daughtry!!! THANK YOU!!!

Music, the best mind-altering substance - gettin' high on D A U G H T R Y forever!!

DAUGHTRY fans are ageless!!! Once a fan, ALWAYS a fan!!!
*Pledge Mamma #35 (Airlie) * One of the DOGGs!!

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