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Chris played the part of aspiring music television host as he took part in an interview with some of his band mates for Fuse TV. Watch below to learn more about the influences behind Break The Spell and have a good laugh.

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You guys crack me up

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LOL!! Love you guys!! Hysterical!

lol. awesome and funny interview! the guys are just amazing and hilarous to each other.. thats why Daughtry rocks Smiling

This is an explain of why we love these guys...

thought the interview was pretty funny

So funny...Love the interview Chris! I love how you guys are opening up to your fans more. Really Nice!
Will say l like Bald over Dreads LOL Smiling on YOU any day!

Too funny! Thanks for sharing! Chris and Josh both with dreads would be hilarious, their hair seems to be talked about a lot Smiling

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ha ha haaa too funny! one of the ways the band has evolved - by opening themselves up to us more (or at least trying to Eye-wink great job!


I love to listen to you laugh and carry on. It is nice to see that you can get along on and off the road, interview and studio. Can't for the tour in 2012. Atlanta will need more Daughtry.


This was soooo funny! Nice to have a good laugh this time of the morning before work. Thanks Guys you made my day.

Oh Goodness, Chris in "dreads", that's a first, lol! Brian when are you going to talk about Spaceship? Loved the interview. Sounds like Chris has gotten a little "softer" being a dad. Even the fans have said you changed a little. Sweet!

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Hilarious! Thanks for sharing! "Who's doing the interview here?" Eye-wink


Cool! Looked like ya'all had some fun there!! Don't ever interup the the person asking the questions!! HAHA!!!

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OMG how hilarious! Smiling Love the dreads!!!

That was funny! Thanks for sharing it with us!

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Talk about non stop laughing!!! Chris don't give up your day job you can't keep a straight face asking questions or not answering them yourself lol!!!!

JB Fan Always. Tired of the Drama!!!!!!

Talk about non stop laughing!!! Chris don't give up your day job you can't keep a straight face asking questions or not answering them yourself lol!!!!

JB Fan Always. Tired of the Drama!!!!!!

This interview makes me smile BIGTIME!!!! Great idea!!!

Cheering YOU on at maximum volume, always - Kim

Daughtry rocks Smiling

really cool Laughing out loud laughed a lot Laughing out loud
Chris I really want to see you with dreads Laughing out loud would be funny Laughing out loud

Ya'll are hilarious!!!! Love it Smiling

You guys are so funny!! Just rec"d my 2 CDs of Break The Spell!! Yes!! I LOVE DAUUGHTRY Got a tat of Daughtry..Not bad for 64yr old!! LOL. Pls come to Rochester NY again!!!!!!! Amazing CD "Break The Spell!! Daughtry Rocks!!

I loveeed this! I vote you do this like once a month! You guys all crack me up! More Daughtry interviews Daughtry!! Smiling

This was hilarious! Brian has the best laugh!

This was hilarious and I think the guys should honestly think about taking turns interviewing each other. I liked what they had to say about chris and I just love their bond. Thx for putting this together Chris, JP, and Brian. It was a joy to say the least.

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Dreads...lol!!!! Love that you guys are always laughing Smiling It makes me smile!


When are you coming back to Massachusetts?

Great job guys...LOL "dreads"

Very cool! You are hilarious! Laughing out loud

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