Daughtry Break The Spell Cover Song Contest

Do you have musical talent and want to show your love for Daughtry? With so many people covering Daughtry songs on Youtube, we want to see your rendition of your favorite song from Break The Spell and will be highlighting some of the best ones. So, whether solo or with your best buds, a cappella or full band, upload your video to YouTube and show us what you've got by performing your cover of any BTS track.

Title your video Break The Spell Cover Contest with the track title and include a link to the video in the comments below. We'll be patrolling the web looking for the best videos to feature, so you never know – your performance could end up on the Daughtry site like the one below!

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnsMQpVkCHU One tiny problem.. At the beginning I couldn't pick a favourite song to cover... what an amazing cd!

I HAVE to do it :'D

Here's my band's submission,

Max D. <Daughtry>


Okay I did another one! I thought the last one sounded like a karaoke so I decided to do my "own version" of the song. It's still "Start Of Something Good" but with a little flavor of my own. I hope u guys don't hate it, and PLEASE leave me some feedback so that I know how badly I screwed up....lol!


My friend and I should have a special song cover in by Wednesday. Can't wait.


I know I'm no Chris Daughtry but I thought it wouldn't hurt to give it a shot. Hope it's not bad enough to piss Chris and the guys off...lol!


wow! that guy in the video is really good! =) good luck to those who decide to participate in this contest.

I think this is a great idea and should be interesting to see what people do. I don't have any musical talent tho whatsoever and won't be able to participate myself. Hope those of you who do have fun with it. Smiling

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Max D. <Daughtry>

Can't wait to tell my friends about that...hope we'll make an awesome video!!

awesome Smiling

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