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aww i'll miss jeremy!!! but i'm glad to see you're having fun chris. see you in march! i love and miss you.



We still love you, Jeremy! Good luck and God bless!


it's not letting me watch the videoooooo it's making me mad!!! haha

Shannon Ellifritt

Shannon Ellifritt

What I love about you is that you treat your fans like friends... I love the video blog so keep them coming! Too bad about Jeremy but I know you will find someone else who is right for DAUGHTRY. I'm heading to California this weekend to see you at HOB with my friend KIm. I'm having that sinking feeling again that you are not going to choose me for the VIP tickets... If you don't, then look for me! I'm gonna battle my way to the front even if I have to crawl on the floor between legs... LOL! See you Sunday... I' can't wait!


I'm loving the man servant! LOL You know what though Jeremy still rocks. See you on the road.

AHHHH aw im sad jeremy's not in the band anymore!!! i never got to meet him... Sad

I really hope you guys find someone who is just as good as him, cuz thats gonna be hard! i love jeremy, but he made the right decision for himself so i guess im happy for him!

And a better note...i LOVED the video blog! seriously it was was like chris was talkin to me personally! Chris, you need to do more of these, they are so COOL! Cool

I think the video blog is great! i loved seeing you versus just reading your blog. I love that you are soooo much about your fans!! Lots of Love
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Hello, I am so glad and happy that you are doing so great. I thought that you show have been the winner on 2006 American Idol. I like Taylor but you should have won. But I knew that you would be great and that you would make it. And to tell you the truth I am not really into Rock that much. But you, I am a fan. I see your tour dates, and then none of them are in Jersey, are you planning to come to Jersey, like AC at all? Also I am not a football fan but when I saw you singing I stopped.

Well, I just wanted to send congrats to you and your band. And hope you fine the perfect replacement.

Hope to see you in Jersey.


Hey Chris, hope you are doing well=) I loved your video blog it was really great=) I am sorry to hear the jeremy is leaving the band. I know this must be upsetting for you but you will find the right person to replace him. Best of luck in finding a new band member, and hopefully i will see you soon at one of your shows. God Bless,



I appreciate the personal touch you do to keep your fans in the loop. I am so sorry to here Jeremy go and know you'll find the right person.

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That sucks. But I am sure ya'll will find who else is right for ya'lls band. Good luck in the future Jeremy!



I'm sure Jeremy has a very good reason as to why he is pulling out of the BEST BAND EVER! I respect that he is doing what he feels he needs to do regardless of the instant success of Daughtry. I really enjoyed watching him play so I will savor the last performances that I might get to see with him. Thank you for the really makes the fans happy to see how much you appreicate them and the people you work with. Can't wait to see you at the HOB Sunday night!

JennGlenn Ya'll

JennGlenn Ya'll

Sad to hear he's leaving, but want him to do what's right for himself and be happy.

Thanks, Chris, for being the one to let us know. And hope your search for the right person goes smoothly!

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So sad to hear that Jeremy will be leaving the band.

Thank you for the video blog.. keep them coming Smiling
It really added a personal touch...that was much appreciated.

You really care about your fans.. Thats why we all love you !!!!!!

See you in March

God Bless

it is sad to see him go but i think he could'nt hadle chris getting but too bad wish him all the best rock on chris and the three j welcome back jp.

he could not handle chris getting all the attention but thats ok rock on chris and the 4 j welcome back jp wish him all the best go daghtry chris josh joey and jp god bless.

I heard about this on another Idol site and I was totally shocked. I'm gonna miss you a lot Jeremy. :'( :'(
Thanks for the video blog Chris, you're such a sweetheart and I love you sooo much. I hope ya'll find another guy really soon. Nobody can take Jeremy's place but I'm sure there's somebody out there that can do him justice.

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Hey Chris

Just wanted to say "hi". I'm a former Asbury employee.... blast from your past, huh? Now I'm a North Carolinian.... Never watched idol until the end of the season last year only because I wanted to see how you did. And I just thought you were great!! I believe the only reason you didn't go all the way (on idol) is because with all the hype surrounding you and all of the media saying that you would win..... well everyone got to confident.... didn't feel the need to vote because you had it.... and that backfired.

Never the less you are rising to the top! Congrats!!!! I look forward to seeing you just grow more and more.


I am sorry to hear that Jeremy is leaving, but its understandable. It is wonderful of you and the rest of the band to be so understanding. I really hope you find someone just as good if not any better for the part in the band. I love your honesty and your video blogs, I believe you have a way of keeping in touch with your fans, and as one of your biggest ones, I appreciate that. I love your music, and it was such a shame you didn't win American Idol, but obviously it was for a reason, and people love you anyways. I will continue to be a big fan, buy your records and hopefully get to see you in concert, and if I am one of the lucky ones, I would love to meet you and tell you in person. Good luck and keep up the good work! Much love~ Mandy

This is shockingly sad news, Jeremy is such a great guy. There had to be a good reason for him to choose this route and I wish him the best of luck.


I am in shock after hearing that Jeremy is leaving the band. It must have been a very hard decision for him. I wish him the best for his future.

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WOW IM SHOCKED! i cant believe jeremy is leaving... i wish him the best of luck in whatever he decides to do. Now on to the good news... 2 MORE DAYS till the concert!!! yay im so EXCITED i cant wait... Daughtry is AMAZING and i know they wont let us down on sunday. I really hope i get to MEET Chris<3 i just hope i dont cry lol... ROCK the world baby!!!
xoxo Tiffy xoxo

Hey Chris ~
It was nice to see the video blog. I hate to hear that Jeremy is leaving Daughtry, Sad news but we all wish him the best! At least we heard it form you first. I was recently honored to meet all of you. Your show at Chi~town H.O.B was amazing. There is no doubt Daughtry will keep rockin'. Best of luck and God bless...Luv Ya

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Ahhhhhhh, Daughtry has only been together a short time. It brought tears to my eyes to here that Jeremy is leaving the band. Sending out my best wishes to Jeremy that he finds the right thing for him. You will be missed. We love ya Jeremy and the best of luck to you. And to DAUGHTRY the best of luck with finding another guitarist.

Thanks for being the one to tell us about Jeremy's leaving, it's sad news but I hope that whatever Jeremy decides to do he'll have success and happiness with it.

Thanks for taking the time to let all of us know about Jeremy leaving. Sad to hear but as we know everyone needs to do what they feel is right for themselves and you got to respect that! Best of luck to Jeremy. Taking time from your busy schedule to talk to us shows how much we mean to you as fans and is why I have the utmost respect for you. Hope I have the honor of meeting you one day. I'm sure you will find someone to join the band. Be safe and have a great time on tour LOL

Chris, thanks for always keeping us fans notified and making us laugh in the process!! I started dying in the beginning! Hate to hear about Jeremy leaving though! He will truly be missed and I thank him for the contribution he's made to this awesome band. I know you'll find the right guy and he'll be awesome. Thank you Chris!!

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Chris, thank you for bringing this information to all of your fans the way you have done. Breaking news!! Although we will miss Jeremy, I'm one of those that appreciates his honesty and doing what he feels he needs to do for himself. I have enjoyed seeing him in the videos and performances and felt that he was really beginning to feel right at home. But home is on the road a great deal of the time when you are a part of Daughtry.
Jeremy, we will miss you. But may God Bless you in all of your present and future journeys!!!
I am sure you will not be easily replaced. And I hope we hear great things for you!!

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