'Break The Spell' Album Cover Revealed!

A portion of the Break The Spell album cover is below. Click here to go to the guys official store to see the full image AND then check out the track listing for the new record.

Head over to Amazon.com and preorder Break The Spell or preorder from Daughtry's store and get an instant download of "Renegade". The album is set for release on Nov. 21st - get ready!

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Hell yeah!!! So, I got the e-mail about the new cover and the fact that if you pre-order the "deluxe" version with "bonus tracks" that you get the free downloads of "Renegade" and "Crawling". Now, when I pre-ordered on September 15, we only got Renegade and I don't think we got the deluxe version, but it's the same price. I sent Sony an e-mail and I got a response that my order only included Renegade and no answer about the deluxe version part. Do we get punished for jumping on the bandwagon and supporting our boys from the get go????

Will the bonus tracks be on the pre-order version of "Break the Spell" or will we be able to purchase them individually (on amazon or itunes) after the release date?


LOVE IT!!!!! OMG, I am so excited for the new album!!! Smiling The track listing looks great too!


Love all the hotness on the album cover, can't wait for the album! Eye-wink


This album cover is HOT!! All u guys look amazing!! NICE JOB!! (Thumbs up!)

Perfect * Smiling

~~ Karyn ~~

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I love the album cover, and LOVE the music!! So excited for this album and so happy for your sucess!!! You have a lot of support and a lot of love out here!! God bless you guys, and your sweet families for all they sacrifice so you can be bringing this music to your fans. Love you guys!!

Can't wait!!! Bring on the magic:-)

Peace, love and DAUGHTRY!!!

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AMAZING daughtry release RESCUE ME

Daughtry Rules

I am so excited about getting this new album, can't wait for 21st November. I just love Daughtry so much, I listen to my albums all the time. Smiling

I can't wait, already ordered the deluxe edition!!!! Love some Daughtry!

Shawn Brooks

Holy hannah...this is HAWT!!!!! Smiling

Daughtry the Band, Not just the Man.

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OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE this album cover. It totally rocks and looks sooo good. It gets me super excited and revved up for what is to come. November 21 is going to be an amazing day and I cannot wait for the album to be in my hands and on my stereo. Great job.

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So, got the e-mail telling me 'cuz I pre-ordered I can now have my download of CBTY. I think I will cancel my previous pre-order and re-order so I can have the deluxe version with the bonus tracks!

@marykwelch No later than Tuesday, you should receive info on how to upgrade your existing order.

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LOVE IT!!!! album cover looks GREAT and cannot wait for November 21st!! i am counting down the days!! so exciting Smiling

jamerz Smiling
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I think the cover is badass it so rocks!!

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Thanks for responding on the pre-order issue. I received the CBTY in an email but already bought it on amazonmp3! I'll be lookin for the pre-order upgrade option Smiling Thanks!


LOVE the album cover! So looking forward to Nov 21!

I can deal with reality, just don't make me live there..........

Cannot wait until this is released! Laughing out loud :D

I love the album cover its badass!

<a href="http://s704.photobucket.com/albums/ww41/pattyba81/?action=view&current=daughtrywb068.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i704.photobucket.com/albums/ww41/pattyba81/daughtrywb068.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

I have orderd 2 cd,s and 1 mp3 download at 9-16-2011 because i am a great fan and i wanted the download of Renegade.
But now i see that you can order the extended cd with bonestracks and a free download of crawling back to you.

How must i act to get the extended cd,s insteded of the regular cd.

I think it,s very strange that fans ordering very quickly only offered a download of renegade and the regular cd instead of the cd with the bones tracks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I,m from the Netherlands

Greetings, Sjaak v Kooten

United States

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