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Listen To Daughtry's Rdio Sessions
October 14, 2014
Hey Y'all! Listen to Daughtry's exclusive Session right now on Rdio. Sign up for free and press play here!
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Watch Chris' Friends Recreate the "Battleships" video
October 02, 2014
Chris' friends recreated the "Battleships" video!
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Take A Moment To Read Chris' Note
September 17, 2014
Hey everybody - my dear friend, Heather Cox from American Idol has a severe life threatening brain tumor. She needs our support to help raise money for the surgery that will save her life at the end of this month.
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Listen To Daughtry's New Track “Utopia”
September 07, 2014
Chris recently recorded the theme song to the new TV series “Utopia”.
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Chris Recording the Theme Song to Utopia
September 03, 2014
Go behind the scenes of Chris in the studio working on the theme song for the new series Utopia!
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Autographed Items Still Available
September 03, 2014
Hey ya'll! The Daughtry Tour may have come to an end, but we still have rare autographed items available to re-live the memories! Shop here.
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Read Chris' Interview on Entertainment Wise
September 02, 2014
Click here to find out why Chris considers “Baptized” to be one of his most personal albums, how he juggles family life with such a hectic tour schedule & more on Entertainment Wise!
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Daughtry's Inspirational Message
August 25, 2014
Hey everybody. Daughtry wants to share an inspirational message with ya'll today! Call at 857-216-6739 and sign-up!
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Watch Daughtry's "Battleships" Video
August 12, 2014
Hey everyone! Check out Daughtry's new video for "Battleships" on VEVO now! Click here to download "Battleships" on iTunes.
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Call Chris at 857-216-6739
August 10, 2014
Chris will be calling fans to share some exclusive news, inspirational messages and more - call him now at 857-216-6739 so you get his phone calls!
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New Daughtry Specialty Items Available
August 06, 2014
Hey Ya'll! We have tons of new specialty items available on web store today! Get your official signed Kick Drum Head, Guitar and show setlist (limit 5 per show) here!
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The Daughtry Merchandise Store is Officially Live
July 14, 2014
Hey Y'all! The Daughtry Merchandise store is officially live! The new line will be launching soon - in the meantime take advantage of deep discounts on existing Daughtry swag. Sale starts soon, so stay tuned! Shop here!
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