So it turns out, I can't go to the Arizona show..

Basically, I bought them with the idea of a fun road trip. It turned into a nightmare... no one can go... and I'm moving soon, and I need to be around for paperwork and stuff.

I only have 2 feedback on ebay, both for buying (I'm new to ebay) so you think if I put the tickets up there anyone would even buy them from me?

I do NOT want to make a profit off our boys, I just want to get as close to get my money back as I can. It was like 57 dollars and some change after all the fees.

Are there any other sites I could try to get rid of these tickets?

I'm still heartbroken that I can't go to the show.

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Chris I hope you see this, I loved the show in tempe last night but I am sorry it was so hot, you guys looked so miserable last night, but despite that it was a fantastic show. the Marquee theatre needs to get a better air conditioning system in there.

so guys I hope you recovered from the excessive heat.



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Thank you so much for letting me know.

I went to their LA show and it was amazing...that was my second Daughtry show.. so I jumped at the chance to see them again.... I guess I didn't think it all the way through;)

I will try what you suggested. If I have to eat the 50 bucks that's okay, cause it's going to our boys, but if it comes down to it (closer to the date) I could even sell them 2 for one as long as I knew it was to a fan and not some scalper idiot.

I'm so sorry you're not going to make it to the show. You'll get to another one! Smiling

I would suggest also posting that you have tickets to sell in the 'tour' section on the Tempe, AZ show page. Many have successfully sold their tickets up here and yes, it's much better to try to sell them here because you know they are going to Daughtry fans. Smiling Usually, I've seen people selling tickets ask others to either PM them or email them if they are interested in purchasing the tickets. Good luck!!

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