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Okay. What am I missing? Where do you going to join the Daughtry Fan Club and how do you get the VIP for the concerts? We just went to the concert in Chicago and we were 15th in line. But, there were 150 people with VIPs that got in first. I have been a huge fan since Idol and would love to join the Fan Club, etc. Can someone direct me how to get started?



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My name is Tiffiney and I am writing to you on behalf of Jordan Smelski, an11 year old boy from Sanford, Florida that died on July 2, 2014 from Primary Amebic Meningoencephalitis (PAM). Jordan contracted PAM while visiting hot springs in Costa Rica. While some may call PAM rare, those families affected by it know that it is 100% preventable and 99% fatal. We believe that many may lose their lives to PAM when it is actually misdiagnosed as viral meningitis (as Jordan was first diagnosed).

When Jordan passed away we made a slide show of pictures of his vacation in Costa Rica and we have "Gone too Soon" by you Chris Daughtry playing in the video. I am writing you as we are establishing a foundation in his honor and to help spread awareness about PAM and are asking you if we can use that slide show on our Web Page!!
Words will never express how thankful we are for your song as it has helped us during this difficult time.

My daughter purchased her tickets on your fan website in order to buy a Daughtry Meet & Greet Package as a surprise for my birthday. She just got home from college for the concert tomorrow night, had not received any meet & greet info, and when she called Ticketmaster, she was told she has a Goo Goo Dolls VIP Package she does not want. Can anyone help her with getting the Daughtry Meet & Greet she thought she purchased so she can give her mom a memorable bday gift? Thank you!

Dear Chris,

My name is Adriana Parrinello. I am a published author of a new series that was just released. The first book in the series is named, "The Fathers' Sins" (Look me up at I'm telling you this because consequently, I completed this first novel in 2003, years prior to your success. The strangest part is that in 2011 when your, "Crawling Back To You" was released, I discovered your music and fell in love with your voice and your songs. I purchased the "Break the Spell" CD and then, "Leave This Town" and finally, "Daughtry".

I know this can't be coincidence, nor just a figment of my imagination, but your songs were written for my novels. Now, I'm a devout Christian, so I don't believe in luck, but I do believe that God brought your songs to me when He did, so they would continue to inspire me to write my stories about love and forgiveness. I want to thank you for writing your songs the way you do. Your music is the only music that is 'honest to goodness'. I'd have to guess that you are also Christian. It's evident in your music!

On behalf of my husband and my 3 boys, I want to thank you and pray for God's blessings upon you. And someday if, by the grace of God, my novels become a movie, your music will have to be it!! Lol! Again, thank you!
Sincerely, Adriana Parrinello

Have tickets for "The Greek" in July my husband my daughter & I share your incredible music.... Thank u for that bond it's a good thing!

I am so so disappointed to find out that the silver package does not include a m&g! I thought it did! My error for misreading I guess but I am paying all this money just for some merchandise and no up close seating either. What am I going to tell my 7 yr old now who is coming with me & to find this out now & the concert is thurs!! I'm really disappointed in you guys. Last years pricing was so much better. Stupid me!! I guess I won't be purchasing any more VIP packages in the future, especially w/ no m&g! I have been a fan since I saw Chris on AI & this is the first time ever that I am so disappointed Sad


anybody get the password for presale for charleston show i never got the email? please send me it

How do I join the fan club?

Why cant you buy tickets for the concert in Camden NJ?

Is there a code for presage tomorrow if u are fan club but dint want VIP

How do I sign up for the VIP Fan Club?

Joey Riff

Unable to find anywhere else to post I thought I'd put it here.
I accidentally brought 2 tickets to Daughtry's show in Glasgow ABC on their UK tour when trying to buy tickets to my nearest venue in London, sounds crazy I know! Anyway they are for sale if you are interested or anyone you know is interested contact me at id rather them go to some fans who are desperate to go as I think it's sold out!

2 questions,
Can someone tell me how to find out how many points I have accumulated since I have been a member? I have never used any and can't seem to find it. Second, where do you go to try and buy VIP for upcoming shows? Please help!!!

I have a Epiphone Special II guitar, signed by Chris and the band, that I purchased at a charity auction. I am looking to sell the guitar, but I would like to keep it among Daughtry fans who would cherish it. If you are interested please email me at

Hello, I'm writing from Italy and I just wanted to let you all know that there are a lot of people here waiting for you to perform in our country! Is a world tour in program someday?



I love daughteryfanclub and hope to win VIP tickets to pix show

Joann sample

I went to the 3 Doors Down/Daughtry concert in Battle Creek, Michigan on Feb 1st and had a blast! Thanks to a great date night with my hubby!

I had purchased VIP for Reading PA show. They only allow 60 tickets per show. I really enjoyed the experience.

I can not find out how to join the Fan Club either. How?????

How do I join the fan club?

i am registered atthe venues and tM so if I get it I will pm people that need it!
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Is the password that was on twitter the same for every show this fall?

The VIP was availble for sale on here earlier last month through Ground Control's website. No word yet if they do VIP again for this leg of the tour. So VIP pays more and gets in first along with sound check, signed poster and group photo and first in line access.

So if there is a VIP this round just keep your eyes open, it'll be posted on the main page if there's VIP avail and the link for it. If you were 15th in line you weren't doing to bad, it's just VIP gets in before the reg. people..

As for fan club, there's no paying fan club. The website IS the fan club, you join and you're a member. The goodies are announced on the main page and it's really all a matter of checking the site frequently to see what's coming up. VIP when offered is announced on the main page, Chris just announced the Presale keyword for the fall leg of the tour.. so you just have to keep checking back. Once announced and when VIP is avail. it's really first come first serve as the past VIP they only did a limit of 100 VIP's per show.

8/2/09 House of Blues ~ Orlando
12/18/07 Hard Rock Cafe ~ Orlando

8/2/09 House of Blues ~ Orlando
12/18/07 Hard Rock Cafe ~ Orlando

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