Green Bay, WI - Resch Center

Mar 6 2013
Resch Center
Green Bay, WI
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Reviews (7)

Second row seats! Woohoo!

Got third row seats for this show. My sister-in-law is sooooo excited (me too) this is her first Daughtry show and she can't wait to go.

Looking for the pre-sale code...if anyone has now gotten it. Thx!

If anyone got the presale code would they private message me with it? I haven't got it and if I get it I will do the same!!! Smiling

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So excited to see Daughtry again!

Regular tickets go on sale 1/5, pre-sale is 1/2 and I haven't gotten a code for it yet.

does anyone know when these tickets go on sale and is there a pre sale code?

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