Champaign, IL - Assembly Hall

Dec 7 2012
Assembly Hall
Champaign, IL
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Took me time to read all of the feedback, but therefore i loved the article. It proved to be extremely helpful with myself and i'm sure to all that commenters right here! It's always good when you can not solely be informed, but more concerned! i am positive you had pleasure writing this article.

Billie could you send it to the Akoo Rosemont Tour page this one may disappear after concert
Thank you again

Thank you Enjoy the Show !!!!

will do


can someone attending the show at champaign let me know what order the bands come out in, we are attending the rosemont show but will have to arrive late due to family committment and just want to know what time to expect daughtry to be on stage,
thank you

Looking forward to tomorrow's concert! Seriously though, what does one say to Daughtry at the meet n greet? I love the music, but what can a person say that everyone else hasn't said???


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We don't have to wear the tshirts, they probably won't give them to us til after the picture, but who knows.


I bought VIP tickets too Smiling we don't have to wear the shirts they send the day of the concert do we?

Kayla Lawson

Okay, I broke down and bought the VIP experience for myself. If anyone who has already bought one and gets a second one emailed to them, she could use it. She is a nursing student, mom of three and so she won't buy one. And I can't at this time. Just answer this message if anyone has one they aren't going to use. I know that's a stretch, but it never hurts to ask.



I won VIP for this show. I'm taking my daughter for her 10th Birthday which is on Nov. 23rd. We can't wait. We don't have tickets yet though, so if anyone has a pair for sale, please let me know!!!


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I just won tickets for Daughtry in Champaign from the Radio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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