Asbury Park, NJ - Convention Hall

Nov 30 2012
Convention Hall
Asbury Park, NJ
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cant wait today is gonna rock!!

I'm interested in the VIP package !!!

how can i but the vip for this show

My vip is still available btw

Matthew Corrales

Hey all,
I had purchased my VIP package way back in October for the Asbury Park show. I just found out about the cyber monday sale, buy one get one free. Since I purchased it, I have the chance to add a guest to receive a VIP package as well. Really random, but if anyone doesn't have a VIP package yet and wants to, I can put you down. I honestly do not know anyone else going to the show besides myself so it'd be a waste if I didn't use the extra package I was given. Kind of a first come first serve thing here since the sale starts soon. Email me or pm me


Matthew Corrales

I have 2 tickets for sale $110 for the pair
They are seats.
Sec 2 row D seats 11/12
Please DM if interested.
They are hard tickets and can meet at the venue!
Thank you!

As far as I know the show is still on you can call the venue but if it was cancelled we would have received an email from the venue by now! I think we are ok!

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Is the convention hall ok.....just hope all is good so concert is still a go ....can't wait to see u guys again ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡

Is this show still on after Hurricane Sandy hit the area??

Got my tickets!! Saw Daughtry in Red Bank on Sunday, they were great as usual!! This will be my 3rd Daughtry concert this year. Can't wait!!

well.. i never got an email i did that live nation code and i didnt want general admission i hate that and the live nation app gave me obstruction of view and i wasn't having it. so i called them up and b****ed at them.

STILL No emailed code for me either!! UGH! WTF?!

You got the code? Still nothing.

got my tickets. woo .. such anxiety bahaha

how come i havent received an email with the precode.

Does anyone have presale codes?

Any info would help. I didnt get an email with a heads up on this show. Convention Hall doesnt even have it listed on their site yet?

When will tickets for this show go on sale?!

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