Clearwater, FL - Ruth Eckerd Hall

Apr 11 2012
Ruth Eckerd Hall
Public on sale: 1/27 at 10am
Fan club pre-sale: 1/25 at 10am - 1/26 at 6pm
Clearwater, FL
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so excited to be seeing Daughtry live for the first time-and 5 minutes from my house! I didn't think I was eligible for presale because I just found out about this site a week before tickets sales, but the morning of the presale ,I got an e-mail with the code. I was able to get 2 great seats (not that REK has any bad seats) but I am so glad because I imagine by Friday there would not be much left in front.

Just bought my tickets! Soooo excited! This will be my 2nd time seeing them at Ruth Eckerd Hall with my hubby....only difference is, this time we won't be sitting next to each other Sad lol We will be 2 seats away.... BUT nothing is stopping me from seeing Daughtry! Smiling


I tried to get the tickets today,but no one emailed me the code?how did everyone get the code.i want to get my tickets before they go on sale to the public!! please help!!

Had to settle for Row X, this being said after a friend of mine told me the tickets were on presale today. The Ruth Office said there was NO Presale yesterday for Fan Club Members, only for Ruth Members and that i would have to wait til Friday!! Then I ended up with Row M in my cart but once I inputted cc info they were gone!!! What a disappointing site and then of course to have no one in the office until 12, is terrible as well. I agree there are no bad seats in here, but its just the point, PURE FRUSTRATION!!!

ABSOLUTELY terrible ticketing system Ruth Eckerd Hall - I would think that if you know you're going to have a lot of online activity, that you prepare your servers/network for the traffic. While there's not really any bad seat in this venue, purchasing these tickers proved to be extremely frustrating and angering. I spent an hour trying to complete a transaction that should have taken less than 10 minutes. Ridiculous, shame on you Ruth Eckerd Hall.

WHAT a mess it was to buy two tickets !! Took me 40 minutes and I started with two seats in row B but ended up in J by the time i got it to work! Blew up on my 15 times! Thought i was going to lose my mind!

Michelle Smiling

THIS IS THE WORST WEBSITE EVER!!! I've been trying to get tickets since 10 AM with no luck. Sad UGH.

All that I'm after, is a life full of laughter Smiling

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I AM FURIOUS!!!! This ticketing system is LOUSY! I had two excellent seats added to the cart - then they dropped out. I've been trying and trying here for thas half hour. I have never seen such an incompetent system. I had seats in A section - gone. Seats off to the side - gone. The "continue to checkout" drops and doesn't save the purchase. I am SO disappointed. And of course, there's nobody at the ticket office.

I have never seen a worse ticketing system in my life. These guys need to play a larger venue, not this small rinky dink hole in the wall. Site crashed several times, no tickets. Appears to be sold out.

I do recall this same situation when they played here a few years bcak. They only presell to their year round ticket holders. Otherwise, we have to wait until the the tickets go on sale to the general public Sad Hate to be the "Debbie Downer", but this is just one of the few downfalls to this venue....

Presale is supposed to start tomorrow.

Michelle Smiling

Was anyone able to get tickets today? This is gonna suck if they have no pre sale cause then it's gonna be harder for all of us to get tickets without having to pay an arm & leg cause scalpers bought them all up grrr!


I just called REH and they are useless. They said they are not selling for fan club presale and "their " presale for "REH' members is Thursday. Very frustrated with the lack of organization and information here!

Michelle Smiling

I called Ruth and they said the date has not been confirmed. ??? I have to be honest, I'm hoping for a change in venue, saw the guys here last time and was not impressed with this place, its more of a theatre with no room for much of a PIT. Just saying... Jannus Live was a much better venue... Guess we'll wait and see...

So I wonder when it will be on Ticketmaster or the Ruth Eckerd website? Wednesday?

So I wonder when it will be on Ticketmaster or the Ruth Eckerd website? Wednesday?

I called REH and they said it's still on the schedule. Yay!

Michelle Smiling

So excited to see the guys again!! Never been to the Ruth Eckerd, but have heard good things about the venue. When the show was listed on the Ruth Eckerd website, the prices ranged from $3 - $56... Not sure what a $3 ticket would be or why the entire gig disappeared from the site?

I was so stoked to see the show at Ruth Eckerd - 10 minutes from home and a GREAT venue for this. But, what's the deal, it's not on the site or with Ticketmaster. Anybody know what's going on?

All of a sudden this event was removed from both ticketmaster and Ruth Eckerd hall website. I hope that doesnt mean this stop is cancelled Sad

Michelle Smiling

I am hoping to give these tix to my boyfriend as a surprise!! Does anyone have ANY idea how much the tickets are going to cost??

I can't wait! I need the fan club password so I can get great seats. If anyone has it please email me. See u in Clearwater!!!
Tampa Smiling

Michelle Smiling

so excited! Ruth Eckard is 5 minutes form my house!

This is such an awesome venue...welcome back to Clearwater Daughtry, we have missed you!

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