Hey... I find this amusing... My 11-month old always used to nap to classical music. However, one day a few weeks ago, I couldn't find a classical station for him to listen to, and had my Daughtry CD handy... and what do you know? It worked like a charm. He will now nap ONLY to Daughtry!! And I swear, the *second* the music starts, he stops fussing and is asleep before the end of Home. I certainly wouldn't classify Chris' and the band's music as lullabys, but hey, if it gets the job done... Smiling


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That's awesome. Works for me too... Sticking out tongue Really, though.

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awww how cute is that. he knows whats good.chris's voice is so smooth and calm and very soothing.i can see how that works to get him to fall asleep,( not that thats a bad thing)its the sound of his voice and the rest of the music also i cant forget about the rest of the boys.
i did the same thing with my boys when they went to sleep. i played music in their room and they would fall asleep faster, and anyway i needed to have music on cleaning house and that was the only time i could clean is when they were taking naps. i didnt want to be one of those moms that had to tip toe around cuz the baby was maybe thats why my kids are soo into music and alway beating on stuff making thier own

My children also are very familiar with the Daughtry sound. My 5 year-old screams, "DAUGHTRY, DAUGHTRY, CHRIS DAUGHTRY!!!!" everytime she hears a song - which is frequently on the radio and everytime she gets in my car as that's the only CD I've been playing. My 1 1/2 year-old twins enjoy dancing around when it's on!! Nothing like introducing the good stuff young!

Jenn --
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Thats funny. Smiling

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